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My names Mike I'm 40 from Northampton, I have recently had a Colostomy first bit of surgery. My stoma is called Smiley reason being first pic I took looked like a smiley face 😃 Plus I'm known for having a beaming smile across my chops. I'm fun happy and always up for a laugh x

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Hello Mike.

Truly artistic!

I hope you are going to enter it for the Turner prize this year as it is way better than some of the prize winners of the past.

Best wishes




  Welcome to the site!  The picture is a wonderful expression.  It's as hilarious as it is slightly disturbing!  But definitely goes with my  sense of humor!

  Keep up the good work and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  You will find an abundance of support here.  Take care!



Haha, like the pictures, very artistic. 


Hi Mike,

Welcome to MAO. Nice to have you here and your smiling stoma~



My name is Kandace and I'm an ileostomate as of 11/2017. Looking for friends or more to talk to


Hi Kandace,

Welcome to the site!

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