Rash from Plastic Bag Contact?


Hi everyone, this is Booters. I was wondering if anybody has had any rash problems from where the plastic on the bag touches the skin.


Hello Booters.  I have just been looking at your post on this very subject from Wed Dec 27, 2017 and thought that weewee's suggestion of Corona ointment  sounded like a great idea. I have not seen it for sale here in the UK but as it seems to be for horses, I might be looking in the wrong place!

I get rashes from anything plasticky touching my skin for any length of time, so I try to avoid it as far as possible by putting fabric between the plastic and the skin. Nowadays, most bags come with a fabric cover and, although I don't use them much anymore because I irrigate, they were pretty good at preventing the rashes occurring. Some of the barrier sprays can also help but it's really about experimenting to see what suits you best.

Eventually I gave up with preparatory stuff and made my own backplates out of material that did not cause me rashes, which I then stuck the proprietary bags/sleeves and stuff to. This has served me well for quite a few years and, because they are my own design, to fit my own body and circumstances, I don't have the same problem with leaks and accidents that I used to have before. However, I should add a warning to anyone who wants to make their own. I tried many versions of what I thought I needed before geting to a device that worked properly for me. These things need fine-tuning and I am still in the process of making them better and better each time the next version is produced.   

Best wishes


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Good morning Booters,

I too have the same issue. I found using elastic barrier strips are very helpful. I only use them on the top of my bag as I don't have too much of a problem underneath the bag. I put a strip on and the bag doesn't touch the skin, works great. Hope this helps.



Thanks, Darlene. Bill


I often have this problem when it is hot. I make a piece of cloth shaped like a baby bib that goes between my pouch and my skin. I usually use a cotton flannel. I also found a powder antibiotic called Mycostatin that works quickly to clear up the rash.

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Hi, I sometimes have a rash but mostly in the summer. I find that works really good for me is clotrimazole cream. It is over the counter and, like I said, works within minutes. I like it and use nothing else. If this helps, let me know.

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