Recommendations for Inflamed Stoma Creams?


Directly under my stoma, it's inflamed. Feels like someone is just holding a lighter to it. Not fun. Putting the powder on it is difficult due to its location and doesn't seem to help anyway.

I believe there are creams for problems like this but have never used any as I'm concerned with them interfering with the flanges' adhesiveness.

Thoughts? Name or product # I need?


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Hi from Baltimore. I use baking soda and water to clean up with. If I eat something, sometimes it will burn around the wafer glue area. You probably need to talk to an ostomate who is more informative than me. Hope it helps. Kemo from Baltimore.

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Hi lovdabeach, when my skin gets like that, I use calamine lotion on a q-tip and spread it on the raw spot. But make sure it's dry before putting your flange on. Then, I will change that flange a day earlier than usual so that it doesn't erode as much and the skin underneath isn't affected.


Interesting. Thank you.


It appears that you're getting microleakage under the wafer causing the burning sensation. Make sure the area is devoid of any adhesive and cleaned before applying a new wafer. I use Unisolve to wipe away excess adhesive when I remove the old wafer, making sure to wipe away the Unisolve after I apply. Otherwise, the new wafer will not stick well. Then I apply skin prep all around the stoma. After it dries within a minute or so, I apply karaya powder and work it into a paste. Then I apply the wafer. Before putting on the wafer, I have found it to be beneficial to warm the Durahesive or Stomahesive, whichever you use, with a hair dryer on "high" for about a minute. Good luck.


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Thanks. I use an adhesive wipe to thoroughly clean the area and allow time to dry. Maybe where I'm screwing up is then I attempt putting the powder on followed by the paste. I doubt it's micro leakage but I guess you never know. I say that because it's always in the same area no matter how I apply the flange.

So you're warming the paste, applying it, and putting the powder on top? I don't see how the powder would aid doing it that way. If you could clarify, great!


Hi! I was having the same issue. My nurse told me that it is because my stoma is flush with my skin. He just ordered me a new skin protectant called "Marathon No Sting Cyanoacrylate Skin Protectant". It is considered the best protectant on the market. He gave me some samples and it really works great! I don't know where you get your supplies from but maybe you could get a sample or two. The manufacturer is Medline. I hope this can help you. Good luck!


I tried "Geritrex Benzoin Compound Tincture Topical Skin Protectant 2oz Each." It really helped me. I'd put a wafer on and within minutes, I'd be feeling like there was a fire, and by 30 minutes, I'd tear the wafer off. On my first try with the above, I kept a wafer on for 2 full days without a burn or itch. Walgreens can order it for you, no need for a prescription, and they had it the next day. It costs approximately 7 bucks, goes a long way, and I used a Q-tip to apply it. It stung for a few seconds, but not worse than the burning I had before. After I put a coat on, I used a blow dryer and put a second coat on. It remains sticky and helps the wafer stick really well too! Good luck.

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