Tattoo advice for stoma and bag area?


Hi, I searched the forum and found a post from a few years ago, but I was wondering if anyone has decided to have a tattoo around the bag and scar area. I have been thinking about it for a while as I have to wear my shorts/swimming trunks fairly high and was thinking a tattoo going across my side and front stomach may enable me to wear my trunks lower as the tattoo may help hide the stoma.

If anyone on here has done so, any advice would be appreciated.




Hey, Robie, it looks like we have some sort of weird troll on the site. The same person answered one of my questions and left a huge list of websites. We need to notify the administrator but I do not know how. Do you??

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I used the 'Contact Us' link in the header to report the user to the admins. Not sure if that is the correct flow, but that was all I saw.


I tried to do the "Contact Me" form, but it keeps telling me I didn't enter the letters correctly when I did.


Hello Freedancer. The 'trick' is to enter the ID letters before you start the message. Otherwise the box where you are supposed to enter the letters seems to disappear!

Best wishes


Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

To answer your question about placement of a tattoo, I believe that he passed away a couple of years ago. He had an outhouse tattooed by his stoma, so people saw that first. He was a free-spirited guy that rode his Harley and was a joker. His name was Bikerboy.


Thanks for all the responses, regarding the troll, I'll try and report as you have done as well. Yes, in terms of the tattoo, that's exactly what I want - a distraction so you don't see it as a bag. I'm guessing it will be painful as it's quite tender around the stoma. I guess I need to find a very good reputable artist and have a good chat with them about it.




I'm not a tattoo girl, but I think it's a great idea. I have a huge chunk of abdomen missing and I often thought of piercings to camouflage the area.....I do, however, bling out my bag for decoration.

Good luck - post pics if you do it.


Hi, that sounds really cool. I reckon it would really hurt though! But hopefully I can start to look around for some good studios in the UK and maybe start chatting to a few artists. I'll keep you all posted!



Hi Robbie: Though you may feel like getting a tattoo, but just keep.

In mind and I am sure others will agree, what happens per se, you get your tattoo, and some time you develop a leak in the gland, and an ulcer could occur, thus defacing your tattoo with ulcers, which could eat away your skin, and you know what. Just food for thought that's all.


I belong to a great Facebook group called Funbags and Shitbags... A lot of the members have tattoos around their stoma. I think it looks great! I'm not a tattoo girl, but I can appreciate body art... It's a great group of people if you're interested...


Before having ink and needles in and around your stoma, I'd speak with your surgeon to be well advised of the potential risks. All the best - Silveradokid.


It can be done, but I would suggest that you just have the tattoo go around the outside of the wafer due to the healing process of the tattoo. You will still be able to see the skin under the wafer to ensure you're not having any issues with skin rashes or irritation.


Hoping to have the same sort of tattoo, love to hear responses you receive x

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