Bright Red Spotting in Stoma: Causes and Solutions


I have had a permanent colostomy for 3 years.........does anyone have bowel movements often during certain days?

Lately, I have bright red spotting around and in the stoma. I stop it with a cold compress and it is gone within a few minutes.

Often it comes after and not during a bowel movement....often on days of frequent movements. What causes this as I know the stoma can be irritated as solid stool passes.

Also, I have lots of small movements throughout the day, like every 3 hours.


Hi Ronjef. I have had my ileostomy for almost 3 years now. I get blood around my stoma quite often, especially if an accident happens, and there is some wiping involved to clean up. I just take it with a grain of salt. I hope things get better for you. Have a great day.

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What about blood in the opening of the stoma? Mine goes away after a few minutes. Do you have this at times? I get this with heavy activity.


Around the stoma is pretty much normal and is due to a variety of things. However, blood in the opening of the stoma might indicate something more significant. I have never had blood emerging from my stoma during almost 40 years with an ileostomy. Perhaps you should have it checked by an MD.


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I had blood come out of my stoma when I was on blood thinners, and the doctors said it was okay, not a problem.

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Yes, I too am on blood thinners.