Cheaper alternatives for adhesive wipes? Insurance coverage change?


My insurance no longer covers adhesive removal wipes and they are $36 a pack, lasting about a month. I'm able to afford it but also looking for cheaper alternatives. Also, why would insurance no longer cover them? If the adhesive stays on, it can cause leaks and rashes and stuff.


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Thank you, a much better price!


Yesterday I found Express Medical Supply, Inc. I called my pharmacy for the price of the no-sting adhesive universal remover, they said it was $50 for a 50-wipe box. I ended up buying them at Express Medical Supply and paid $11 for the same box of 50 wipes.


Hello Gemd. I much prefer the adhesive remover spray to the wipes. I find that the spray will seep into the adhesive and allow the flange to be removed without much pulling of the skin. I can then remove any leftovers with a drywipe and more spray. I don't know if the sprays are any cheaper but it might be worth looking into. Best wishes 


How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Large 16oz. bottle $15.99 that is sold on Amazon Prime, just use q-tips to apply and works great. Clean area off with wet towel to remove residue before putting on skin prep.

My health insurance does not cover it either. Do not know why.


I use the Hollister spray adhesive remover (Adapt 7731). It comes in a 2.7 oz can (so okay to take on an airplane) and lasts me 2-3 months. I change my appliance daily.

It works a lot better than wipes. Spray on the wafer and it just peels off. Good luck. Penguins7


I will try the spray, good price! As 30 wipes is 17 but I use at least 2 wipes per bag change so it's a less-than-2 month supply.

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