Dealing with Persistent Ostomy Bag Odor - Any Solutions?


I have a problem with ostomy bag odor at all times, not just when I empty it. I am really getting self-conscious. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi Patty, I sometimes feel that as well. Usually on the 4-6 day of a pouch use. I think the filter works for a short time but by the time there has been poo on it, it fails to work after a few days. I have found that safe and simple Ostomy deodorant works best to cure both when emptying the pouch or in between times odor!

Have you tried it? I have not tried M9 but hear it is similar but more expensive.

I once had a friend over and kept smelling horrible odors and had to laugh but had it not been a really close friend, it would not have turned out the same. We laughed about it every time it happened for the few hours she was here! Come to think about it, she has not come back since! Haha Come to find out, it was a pin-sized hole in the Convetec pouch. Guess I should tell her that is not the norm and she can come back! Lol


Thank you so much for getting back to me. I just ordered the M9 from Amazon and should be getting it next week. Fingers crossed it works.

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I use the M9 works well. Medicare allows one butt a month. I also use their lube and deodorant, which is also covered. There is no out-of-pocket expense.

Hello Patty poo poo. I have deoderant supplied on the NHS. However, on occasions I have found that nouthwash is quite effective for rinsing after I have washed the bag and I like the smell of mint.

Best wishes


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If I could, I would laugh at that one.

Hi Patty, if I think my pouch is smelling, I ask my wife if she can smell anything and she is honest enough to tell me.

Thank you so much for that information, I had no idea that my insurance would cover it!


I ordered my first bottle of Safe and Simple from Amazon but found Edgepark carried it and M9, and now I have ordered it through them to be paid by my insurance.


That's great, I use Edge Park for my supplies and from now on I'll order from there and get it covered by insurance. Thanks for the great info.

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