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Friends and Associates


Definition: Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

While an associate can be described as a person whom one knows slightly.

We as ostomates tend to say once we join, we're seeking friendship and others who can relate to our condition.

I heard members say outsiders are cruel. I'm referring to non-ostomates when I say outsiders.

"News flash," the same people out there are here too. The only difference is, they are now ostomates.

I have been to other countries, states, and cities and have encountered both good and bad people. Some I called friends while others were associates.

I joined this group in 2016. I stumbled upon this site. No one told me about MeetAnOstomate (MAO).

I had my colostomy in 2015, I have a close friend of 36 years with whom I shared my feelings before and after surgery.

I didn't feel comfortable talking about my colostomy with my family at that time. I was actually ashamed and didn't accept my fate.

I had mentioned before that I attended a local support group but didn't get anything out of it.

The things that members discuss here in our group (MAO) are not discussed locally in other support groups.

In conclusion, I wish you all the best. I hope that those who seek friendship find it. If you're lucky, you'll find good friends and/or associates. I did!



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Always a pleasure to read your messages Angelicmarie. Your so right about the definition of Friendship as opposed to Associates. Like you, I didn't get much out of our local meetings also. It's much more informative on here, as we all share our battles and hopefully Triumph's. We are a bunch of tough cookies aren't we.!



Lt. Dan.. Thanks I'm sincerly appreciative of your support.




i have found many friends on this site! I think those nonOstomates that have become one of us have probably adjusted their attitude! You don't know until you get there what it is like! Who would have ever thought right? Never tried the local support group but maybe we are the ones to change things!  Go to the support group and open the conversation that does not get talked about there! Talk about the important things! Really help others! My Doctor told me I should teach the class! Never know! I just might! How many of  those that lecture at a support group actually have an Ostomy? Few is any! 

Love the post! 



Puppyluv56...Glad you liked it! Yes that's something to think about, for sure. Thanks....



Hi Angel,

I"ve made some very good friends on this site too, and count you as one of them.  It's difficult for a lot of us, I think, to talk about the issues we have all gone through or are going through.  It's really nice to have a site like this where you know everybody on it understands.


weirdnewlife... I also care for you.... 


Hi to read what you post,Yes I agree Angel the definition isn't what some think, it's different for everyone there story etc... and it's great to have others who care and can relate.. It's tough to feel comfortable with someone that doesn't have ostomybuddy one sometimes they look at us like weird freak or just different, but we're all the same and do the same just some are nicer, sweeter, care more, have big hearts ♥️  understanding and just saying we're not different but treated differently l!! Actually we're nicer usually because we're going through a lot and I'm here to say I'm different but try to not be, some also act or don't want anyone to here  ❤️the real truth how they feel,I know we all want to be positive and say I feel great, doing good, feeling like a younger woman,man but reality is we have our days! No one feels great everyday

NewLifeVictoria... Hang in there!
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