Swollen Stoma: Home Remedies & Prevention Tips


Hello all,

Since having my colostomy, my stoma has swollen up on three different occasions. This, of course, has been a frightening event for me or dare I say could be for anyone.

Each time the swelling happened, I messaged my surgeon and provided a picture along with my concerns and symptoms. Only once did I have to go in to be examined.

Your stoma could or maybe partially blocked from something you consumed. Here is something you can or may try before seeking medical attention. If your stoma is still red in color and you're still having output.

Sit in a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes.

Apply a heating pad directly on your abdomen.

Sprinkle a small amount of table sugar directly on the stoma (helps the swelling go down).

Please be advised, this method works for me and your situation or results may be different.

Lastly, to avoid the possibility of this happening to you, "CHEW YOUR FOOD COMPLETELY BEFORE SWALLOWING!"

Hope this helps someone.....

Take care,


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You should always chew your food each mouthful 12 times. This breaks it down and it also lets your body know you have eaten well and will feel full. Go ahead, try it for a few meals.

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Great suggestions. I hope I don't have to use any. I think this was particularly interesting with using sugar.


Great advice, Angel! Hope you don't have to deal with that a fourth time!


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We only talk sense on here, don't we, Puppy...lol

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Hahaha Mike... of course we do... wink wink!!


Thanks for the advice, Angel.  Thanks for all you share.




Angelica, I always look towards you for inspiration and positive thoughts, so my heart sunk when I heard of your swollen stoma. I wish I could sit in a warm bath without a bag on, but with my high liquid output, I would be sitting in a bath of ostomy juice. And the sugar... that didn't hurt you? I hope you are on the mend now and feeling better.


Hello all... Thanks for your comments!

Take care,



Mine goes from a large prune to a mushroom. Thanks for the info. Hope I never need to use it. I will have to copy and paste it somewhere so I can find it if needed.


X... Thanks for sharing...

Take care,


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