Travelers & Adventurers With An Ostomy

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Traveling is a passion that transcends boundaries, cultures, and personal challenges. For those with an ostomy, hitting the open road or boarding a plane to a new destination might seem daunting. Yet, numerous wanderlust-filled ostomates have not only journeyed across the globe but have also used their experiences to inspire, educate, and dispel myths associated with ostomy travel.

Rob Hill is an embodiment of adventure. After undergoing ileostomy surgery, this intrepid traveler set out to conquer the highest peaks on seven continents. But it wasn’t just about the climb; through his "No Guts - Know Glory!" campaign, Rob aimed to raise awareness about intestinal diseases and ostomies.

Dan Sansom, aka The Stoma Geezer - From the bustling streets of global cities to the challenging terrains leading to Everest Base Camp, Dan’s travels showcase the sheer potential of traveling post-ostomy.

Sarah Russel - Not just an athlete, but also an avid traveler, Sarah has shared tales of her treks in mountains and experiences in foreign cities, proving an ostomy is no hindrance to wanderlust.

Joe Teeters - Embarking on the formidable hike of the Appalachian Trail with an ileostomy, Joe’s journey stands testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure.

Rachel Jury - Through her blog, Rachel chronicles her journeys across various countries, offering advice and support to those traveling with an ostomy.

Krista Deveau - Krista’s travels with her ostomy have taken her to many destinations, emphasizing the importance of preparation and positivity.

Doug Yakich - Doug, apart from being an advocate for ostomy awareness, has traveled extensively, showcasing the joy of exploration after surgery.

Brian Greenberg - An Ironman and ostomate, Brian’s travels for races and leisure inspire many to pursue their travel dreams regardless of medical challenges.

Eric Polsinelli - Documenting his travels and experiences, Eric's stories serve as a roadmap for ostomates keen on exploring new horizons.

Embracing the joy of travel post-ostomy surgery is not just about the destinations but also about the journey of self-discovery, resilience, and breaking down barriers. These travelers prove that with the right preparation and a spirit of adventure, the world remains a vast and welcoming place for everyone.

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