Describing the Sensation of 'Output' - Any Suggestions?


Hi guys,

I'm pretty open with my co-workers about my shit bag, but to my surprise, I get very few questions about what's under my shirt. Most of my co-workers are guys... fellow engineers, mechanics, and technicians, primarily. When I have a test to run, we have lots of free time in the control room in between test points, so we talk a lot about almost everything. There's a lot of "locker room banter," but also serious conversations as well.

The other day, one of the younger guys asked me what it feels like to be "leaking excrement from my abs" all the time. I really didn't know how to answer that. I told him there was no way I could describe it that he could relate to, as I had never experienced the sensation before my operation, so most likely neither had he. But maybe you guys can describe it in a way normal folks could relate to that I can pass on. Let me know what you think.




Hello Bob. You raise yet another very interesting subject which will probably ring true for many ostomates who have tried to explain for the first time what it's like to manage the output from the stoma rather than the anus.

For my part, when someone shows a genuine interest, I have never had any quarms about giving a graphic description of the process and the convenience of this method rather than the inconvenience of the incontinence which I had to put up with before. 

I start with what I think is the amusing story of my encounter with an officious security guard in a local supermarket, who would not let me use the toilet for disabled people. The short version is that I shat all over the supermarket floor before he relented and ushered me into the toilet.  I then describe the commotion that this incident caused with their customers and the manager telling the security fellow off for being so stubborn and 'jobs-worth'.

This story sets the scene for then explaining how much easier and convenient it is to collect feaces in a purpose-made bag at the front of my body, than it is to try to catch it from between my legs, where it is simply not possible to locate a bag. 

I usually go on to say that I am fascinated how people manage to toilet themselves without the convenience of a bag - especially if they are out and about and there are long queues at the public loos. I feel really sorry for people who still have to rely on what is often an unreliable sphincter to keep feaces from flowing freely from their bodies in an uncontrolled manner. 

Depending on who it is I'm discussing the subject with, I will often jokingly ask them to describe how they manage to shit out of their anus when there are no toilets available and to think how much nore convenient it is for me to carry my portable toilet around with me, just in  case!

I have found that a sense of humour is very helpful when discussing things of this nature. ( I think they call it 'toilet humour') So, having a laugh about these sorts of questions is one way of answering them without getting too serious or disgusting. Most people who know me, will also know that I will respond to almost any question with a relatively straightforward, common-sense answer. Thus, they would not ask a question like this unless they want to know my thoughts on the subject matter. They would also know that  I am not afraid to speak my mind and describe things in graphic detail. Sometimes I will simultaneously draw a picture or two to help explain what I describe in words, other times ( when appropriate) I will even offer to show them the real thing so that there can be no doubt about what I am describing. I do not find this sort of discussion embarrassing as it is an educational tool for the uninitiated and hopefully their new knowledge will help them understand the situation when they come to experience it - either for themselves or in others whom they know. 

Interestingly, I have never had anyone take offence at my monologues and have had several comment to the effect that it would make a great stand-up comedy sketch.

Just a thought!

Best wishes



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For the most part, I don't feel anything at all, but that might be because I have a high liquid output. If I drink a lot at one time, I might feel a 'gush' of liquid leaving my stoma. I'm curious to hear from others with a more normal "poopy" output have to say. On a side note, I did want to mention I have seen a number of comments regarding odor/smell. I totally sympathize with those of you with this issue. Just a little "food for thought"... I can honestly say my #!**# doesn't stink (post ostomy) LOL. I don't eat meat. I don't expect most of you to make such a drastic change in diet, however, if you don't believe me, try going meatless for a month. You should notice a change after that time.



Again, great question.

I feel more of a tickle as it goes into my pouch. That is just from the pouch opening with the force of the poo. The warmth of it is what gets me. The pouches are very thin so feeling the warm poo through it is weird.

The days of knowing when you have to poo are over. Wish that sensation was still there to let you know when it was coming! Lol



A normal pooper pre-stoma, meant you got a tingle, urge.. Sat on the throne and let the muscles just push the poop through. Post-stoma, I feel nothing. I don't know when I'm going. At night, I do feel the liquid gush.. And depending on clothing, I could feel the fill. No, I can't explain post-op pooping. That small intestine has one thing on its mind, "flow".

Visions of how bakery chefs squeeze that cone bag over cakes to print "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" on a cake enter my mind. What they do to cakes, I do to the bag. Squeeze the shit out of it. Plop, plop...

I agree in some situations, no more run to the toilet or holding it. The convenience of the bag sure does help. No urge, no dire need to evacuate. The only things to concern yourself with are where to go and when.

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The only time I "feel" something is when my stoma has to dilate to accommodate a bulky discharge when I eat a lot of roughage. Otherwise, all I feel is the heat of the discharge in my appliance or gas that is released.



Yeah, I guess what you feel is more a function of the state of your poop. For me, most of the time mine is liquid, and if I wasn't wearing a bag I could probably shoot a stream farther than I can pee. My peristalsis sure does work well. But I feel things the most when my output is more firm or chunky. And sometimes when it's like that it makes my stoma itch worse than poison ivy. There have been a few times where I came THIS close to ripping off my barrier so I could give it a good scratch. But I've always been smarter than that, at least up 'till now, as I'd have a really tough, if not impossible time getting a new barrier on during the daytime. I just wish I felt my output better when I nod off to sleep. That might prevent a mess or two. I can't believe I'm typing in a forum about how my poop feels coming out of a hole in my abs. Somebody please wake me up. Please.





It is like silicone coming out of a caulking gun. You do not feel that either.

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