7 Days without Bowel Movement - Worried about Blockage!


I have had my colostomy for about 7 years. I have bowel movements every day around the same time with occasionally missing maybe 2 days. NOW no movement for OVER 5 days - NOT much pain or cramps happening. I did drink a little of MAGNESIUM CITRATE yesterday with NO response - so drank the rest this morning. My husband is wanting to take me to the ER - but I am going to wait. WORRIED ABOUT A BLOCKAGE!! We did ORDER the IRRIGATION KIT from Edgepark - but won't get it for a few days. ANYONE ELSE ever have this problem???


Hello walderpeee. My first thoughts are that you sound as if you have a very sensible and pragmatic husband. It is always best to have these things checked out so that you know what it is that you are dealing with. 

My second thoughts surround my enthusiasm for irrigation and you might be right about that being the solution to your present problem. I irrigate every night and on several nights I believe that there is no 'real' output other than that water which I had just pumped into the stoma. It seems somehow reassuring that the water goes in and comes out over time, even if there does not appear to be anything else alongside it. I feel that I have done 'my-bit' and anything untoward that happens is therefore not my 'fault'.  Occasionally, I take Metamucil so that I can be sure that the input equates with the output. After years of having mild concern about these things, I now just take it as it comes and observe the output rather than worry about it. 

If you are not having any pain, then there may not be too much amiss. However, anxiety/ worry/ angst,  or whatever you like to call it can sometimes be eased by getting a proper diagnosis so I refer back to my first thoughts. 

Best wishes


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Please don't wait. Go to the ER!


Hi Walderpeee,

I hate this is happening after such a long time of normalcy. It does sound as if there may be some type of issue causing this. But, I have gone without any movement for this long prior to my ostomy, but not since. Have you been eating lots of foods that typically solidify your output? I am a big advocate for irrigation. I have the feeling that if a clog comes along, it will help to break it up and go about business. Not sure you should wait till your supplies come. Five days does seem unusual and I always recommend contacting your physician or ostomy nurse if you're worried enough, peace of mind is priceless.



Walderpeee, seek medical attention!

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When you have a question, call your doctor. That's why we hire experts.

My doctor uses MyChart. I email them all the time, and they appreciate it because they can get to it when they're free and not be pulled away from something else. You don't need to pay a co-pay to ask a simple question.



Well, it has been past 10 days now. Hoping your problem has resolved! Please keep us posted. We care!


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