Need help finding ostomy paste with squeeze attachment



Does anyone know if they make a paste that has an attachment to squeeze the paste deeper under the wafer? Like a cake icing attachment?

I find paste such a nightmare to use!



Charleston man

Hi Kathy,

Some years back, I had to go and have my stoma looked into for skin irritation. After the nurse cleaned everything and was ready to redress, she used what looked like a syringe to apply the paste around my stoma, not to the flange.

Charleston guy

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I actually use the paste around my stoma before applying my wafer.

But I find after a day or two, I have gaps that need to

be filled. A syringe would be perfect!

I'll check with my supplier to see if they carry it!

Thanks so much!


Hello Kathy.

Many years ago, when I needed to do this sort of thing, I 'borrowed' the end of an applicator from my piles ointment tube,  which has a standard thread fitting like most other types of tube. I found that this  was ideal for all sorts of other uses where a long nozzle was needed rather than just the end of a normal tube. The haemorrhoid ointment I refer to was made by GERMOLENE.

Best wishes



Yup!  Bill did almost exactly what I did.  I used the tip from a nasal spray.  It worked well.


How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Thanks to you both, Bill and Mike! I'm definitely going to

try that!!!



Have you ever tried a barrier ring instead? Paste is a nightmare. A barrier ring seals and is not a hassle to remove.


I tried paste and found it stings and is hard to use and hurts like crazy to remove during a bag change. I use the rings instead and they work great. You can put it around the stoma or around the bag opening, also I put some inside my belly button to make the area more level, which prevents leaking. Use it wherever you need to create a level area. I find them terrific. Made by many different brands.


Switched to barrier rings - never going back! They now have different thickness rings and I find the thinner ones work best for me. Good luck!!



Hi Kathy,

Yeah, I'm with the ring crowd. Tried the Hollister paste in the squeeze tube when I first started, but found the paste didn't last long, yet was a bitch to get completely off. Having high output that's mostly liquid, it also quickly dissolved the paste right where it touched the stoma. Then I tried a Hollister barrier ring at the suggestion of an ostomy nurse, and have been using them ever since. When my skin gets irritated by the bandage material of the barrier I take a second ring, cut it in half, stretch each half from a half-circle to a rectangle and then roll each flat with a rolling pin. Then I apply the first ring intact around my stoma and cover any irritated skin with the flattened second ring halves. The stuff works incredibly well. Depending on what type of surface irregularity you're trying to deal with you can manipulate the ring to be thicker or thinner in spots. Just make sure your hands are clean and dry before you touch it and start working with it.




Thanks everyone but the rings have never helped.

If my output stayed consistent, I would have no problem.

But when it's paste-like and "pancakes" in the wafer,

it just slips underneath. I keep using the rings with every

full wafer change but it never helps.

I just bought the caulking strips to mold around

the stoma. I will see how those work! Thanks again!


Hi Kathy,

Sorry, but I guess I'm not following what you are saying. What do you mean when you say "when it's paste-like and pancakes in the wafer it just slips underneath"? Does the ring pull away from your stoma after a day or so? I'm just having a hard time seeing how the consistency of the output causes a problem with the ring. Is your barrier flat or convex? Not trying to be difficult, just need to understand the terminology. By "ring" I'm talking about something like a Hollister 7805, which is more like a flat donut than a ring, and is put on so it hugs the stoma tightly. Are we talking about the same "ring"?




I use these rings instead of paste and also straps that help prevent any leaks for at least 4 days minimum.


I meant strips that stick to your wafer and skin, even stay on while in the shower.

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