Advice on Reversal Surgery - Nervous but Hopeful: What to Expect?

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Went to my surgeon's office and given the green light to go back to work on 11/4/2019. That feels good, but now my reversal on 11/19/2019. Not sure what to expect. If a few can give me advice on what is in store for me, it would be nice to hear. My surgery was done on 10/24/2019 and now the reversal. Kind of scared but happy at the same time. During my surgery, I will keep people updated on how I'm feeling and things like that. My surgeon is positive I will heal up quickly due to the fact of my age, but I wonder if that really makes that much of a difference since I'm 35. He's been doing it for 26 years and has a few awards as a surgeon. I am as nervous as a person can be.


Hi Lra,

That's great news!!! Can't tell you what to expect, my ostomy operation was a one-way street and there's no going back for me. But if I were you, I'd be singing from the rafters............and yes, age plays a HUGE role in recovery. See, the bottom line is this (but don't tell the old folks).....your body is an awesome biomechanical machine that can heal itself and do other wonderful things, but as you get older its efficiency drops, just like any other machine, until it can no longer fix itself. You'll see that as you age you'll still heal, but it will take longer............and longer........and finally you won't. That's called The End of The Line. You're nowhere near it, so enjoy it while you can. Mother Nature probably has lots of plans for don't be happy! Next year at this time, you'll look back on all this and smile.



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Bob, you need to be a motivated speaker... I think I said that right.

Your words made me feel better, and thank you for making my day that much better. But the only reason I was thinking of the reversal is because it would be almost 2 months, and I will be having a reversal. So I was just thinking to myself if anyone has ever seen it done that quickly, you know. I've read things on Google, and it said it could be done as soon as 6 weeks, so I should be good, I hope. Once I go back to work, I will become a full-time member, but it's hard to do right now with 80% of my pay and bills. But I will continue to learn more about this and maybe help someone with what I've been through and meet good people like you, Bob.

Thank you, Bob, and keep that good outlook you have.


Lrasphong-Bob said it perfectly: My reversal went great but it took a good month before I felt reasonably recovered, but I'm 68 years old and even now I don't have the endurance I used to have before the surgery, which was this past February. I am not old; I'm old-ER!!  I hate that "old" s***! Realistically, it sounds as though you'll do very well. I was nervous before my reversal, too, but all turned out very well. Good luck and keep us posted!


Hang in there! Even though I was excited about getting my reversal, I worried about things, too. An experienced surgeon is essential and yours sounds as though he knows what he's doing, so trust him. I'll be thinking of you, especially on the 19th! 

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

I'll look forward to seeing how it goes for you. I chose to keep mine even though I have everything needed to get hooked up again. I've had trouble with my lower GI since I was 12 years old and with the colostomy, I've never had it so good. It's a bit of a hassle to be sure. Good luck!

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Thank you and I will keep you updated and thanks for the kind words


All I can add is my best wishes and prayers for a good surgery and a speedy recovery.

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Thank you very much and I appreciate it


Lrasphong... Hoping your surgery is a success. Good luck!


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Thank you very much, and I hope your days are filled with happiness.



I am happy that you are going to get your reversal done and quite soon so the wait will not be so long. Will you come to Columbia or Charleston for your surgery? Not sure exactly where you live in SC. I am in Columbia. I hear a lot of positive comments of people having a successful reversal and I am sure you will as well. Keep your attitude as positive as you have been and you will do just fine!


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Hopefully I can pass my blood pressure test... since I failed today... they gave me another chance this Thursday and prescribed me medication. Thanks for the encouragement. I live in the Greenwood area.


Reversal success depends on how much of your colon and rectum are intact.

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They said I would be eligible as soon as 3 months but me being impatient I kept begging and begging to have it done early so he told me Nov 19th .. but the first pre-op test I couldn't pass the blood pressure test so I failed. The second one I didn't even bother to show up. I thought about it and figured I should wait the 3 months at least because the healing process is about 6 weeks, he said.

My job wouldn't let me off more than 3 months or I would be terminated, which I already used up 2 months worth of medical leave. Due to them only letting you off for medical leave for 3 months a year. I figured if I do it later I would be more healed up and also wouldn't lose my job due to the 3 month stipulation. It would be falling into the new year if I have the surgery around the first week of January. Maybe I'm stupid but to lose my only way to have income or a job after my surgery then my recovery. Now to call the surgeon tomorrow to let him know. Hopefully I didn't make the wrong choice.


What kind of surgery did you have?

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Not really sure what it's called. I had diverticulitis and antibiotics weren't working. I had air pockets in my intestines also, and they found a cyst.

They made a stoma on my left side. Not sure what it's called, all I know is I have a stoma and use a bag attached to my stomach for feces to come out in.


Diverticulitis is usually in the sigmoid colon. You should have plenty of colon left for a successful reversal. You won't be able to lift anything for a couple of months and your bowel functions will be different at first, but I'm sure you want to lose the bag.

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Yeah, I'm dying to, but needed a few checks before that. Maybe in a month.

Thanks for the kind words.

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