Best Clips for Convatec Pouches? Hollister Compatible?


Hi all.

I have used the Convatec 2-piece system with a pouch clamp for years without any problems. My new order, I am finding the clips are not as good as they used to be and because I have an ileostomy and watery movements, sometimes contents seep through the clip somehow. After researching clamps, it seems Hollister Clips are the best. Can I use Hollister clips with Convatec pouches? Are Hollister pouches thicker than Convatec because it seems like Convatec are thinner now? Thanks in advance for any help with this.



Hello britathrt60. I don't know the answer to your question because I have long-since used 'bulldog-clips' ( used for holding papers together). I use these because I have them on a piece of string around my neck, which helps not lose them down the loo and it also alows me to know where they are at the precise time I need  them. The thing to do is to experiment with whatever you have and find out what suits you best. 

Best wishes


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Not as good as they used to be leaves a lot of questions....

Is it that the hinge doesn't last as long or is it that the clip doesn't hold as tight.

In the latter case, putting a sheet of toilet tissue (or two) in the around the "bar" will help hold it tighter since you're jamming more material in the gap.



Hi, the clips are interchangeable. The last time I saw the Hollister though, they had a curve/bend to them. Depending on how you like to position the bottom of your pouch against your body, you may have to play with this. I'm also not sure if you can buy just clips?


I use Coloplast Sensura with their Easiclose system. It uses Velcro and has no clips, and it works perfectly. Mine is one piece, but I'm sure they also make a two-piece with that closure.

It sounds like it might be time to contact other manufacturers for some free samples. They are happy to send them at no charge.

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I also use Coloplast products with the Velcro closure. I have recently tried Hollister and Convetec, and I do not like the clips.

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I've used the Torbot clip for close to 40 years and have found them to be the most secure and unintrusive clip. I just pitch the ones that are furnished with the pouches.


Hi Angela,

You can buy just the clips. I've got a ton of them around here, so if you want to try a couple first before spending any money just let me know and I'll drop a couple in the mail. Your comment about the plastic bags being thinner and how it affects the effectiveness of the clip was a concern of mine a week or two ago when I first tried the new thinner clear Hollister bags. The clip is definitely easier to close with the new thinner plastic, yet didn't leak or let anything seep through. I also find they last a very long time. I have had one or two break at the junction between the two halves of the clip, but I used them way beyond their useful life......which is why I have a pile of brand new ones that I can send. The clips are curved to hug your body, but that means they can also be put on backwards. Not a biggie, just flip it over and reinstall. The only other negative about the clip (as compared to the Velcro flaps) is that you can drop it or lose it.......or be a dumb-ass like me and flush it down the toilet while emptying your bag and not paying attention to what you are doing. But bottom line is they work with the thinner plastic.





The only experience I had with a clip was not good. It was a Convetech clip that comes in an irrigation kit to clip the end of the irrigation sleeve. Well, the clip was not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the output and created a very messy mess to clean up! My first and last experience. Lol The Velcro ends of the pouches have never failed so I will continue with them until they do!


I also use the Hollister clip that comes with the pouches. I have used the thinner pouches with these clips with no problems. Like Bob said, I have used them for a long time. You can tell when you need to change the clip if it gets real easy to close. Good luck, hope you find something that works for you.


Thanks everyone for all your helpful suggestions... I called Convatec to talk about bags being thinner and clips not working... they said there has been no change to the thickness of the pouch and maybe I had a bad batch... they were very nice about it all and asked for the lot number on the box... they are sending me some different kind of clips to try... I had a bunch of clips left from years ago so started using them and they work so threw the new ones out.

Thanks again



For many years now, I have been successfully using a one-inch wide squeeze paper clip to close the pouch.

Simply fold the pouch closed three times, fan fold it so it will fit into the clip, and place the clip on the end of the pouch.

This will close the pouch securely. You can purchase a box of squeeze paper clips in any drug store or at Staples.


Wow, big bore Dave! Almost 40 years, did you say, with a colostomy bag! Same stoma. I'm so happy for you, and that's a long time! I wonder what your experiences are with a colostomy!? Please tell me more. I'm interested in your experiences with this new life. I had a colostomy in 2013 - then 3 surgeries in 7 months, and one being septic shock. I have problems eating and things that happen with our new addiction to our bodies to keep us alive!!! Please, when you can, write back. Ok, take care, your ostomy friend, Victoria.

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