Looking for opinions on Trio Pearls for ileostomy


https://trioostomycare.us/project/trio-pearls/ I saw this online and wonder if those of you who have ileostomy have seen these. They offer samples. I think they are a little expensive, but if you use them for special occasions or at night, they may be worth it. There is also a video down the page. Anyway, check it out if you are interested.


Never heard of them but sound interesting. I have tried many things that say they work but do not. Did you request samples? May just be the first thing that really works! Let us know.

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Hmmmm...........now why have I never heard of them either? Actually, I'm not even aware of the other jelling products mentioned in the video. This is the kind of stuff that bugs the shit out of me. I've been dealing with high output since I got my ostomy a little over 5 years ago. I've talked to ostomy nurses at major teaching hospitals (Hopkins, Georgetown, Washington Hospital Center, etc.) as well as been to ostomy clinics, etc.............and no one has ever mentioned such a product to me. I was actually looking into such "things" because I didn't know these products even existed. I've been talking to my engineering buddies at NASA and both the Army and Air Force research labs to see what's current on how to vaporize or get rid of water instantly. Turns out the NASA guys want to recycle water, not get rid of it, and the military guys don't have a need for what I'm looking for. My next avenue of pursuit was going to be flood damage management. But it seems I've been beaten to the punch by these Pearls. I wonder what other interesting and possibly helpful ostomy products are out there that no one I've spoken to has bothered to make me aware of. Thanks Lovely for posting this..........I need to check it out.



PS In case anyone is wondering what these Pearls cost, I looked it up. Amazon sells them in a container of 100 packets for $37. So if you use 3 a day, you get a month's worth for a little over a dollar a day. That's not bad, all things considered. For someone like me who can have a REALLY high liquid output (depending on what I eat/drink), sometimes I'd be emptying my bag before the stuff had a chance to actually work, so they're not ideal for me for those situations. But for times when I go out to dinner or am doing something where I'm actively trying to control my output, these might be a really good idea.


I have a bottle of Smelleze. It is for odor elimination but it absorbs liquid to form a gel. I used it a little when I first had surgery because of the watery output. Not sure what I paid for it but I ordered from Amazon. I have almost the whole bottle left so not sure if it worked or output became solid. I was trying it for the odor elimination, not the absorbing quality. May want to try it too. It is a big bottle of granules. You choose how much to use. Lot cheaper than Pearls but may not work the same. Who knows Bob, but it is out there! nbsp
I did notice Pearls said that their product was the only gelling product that was not black. I am confused because Smelleze is yellow. Could be they are in different categories. Call out the Marines and

keep us posted!



I use Coloplast Diamonds. Yes, pricey, but very effective. About $42 for a jar of 100 sachets. Not covered by insurance, so stink is not something to worry about. =¢(

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Hi Petey... Do you just put one sachet in your bag each time you empty?



Good places to find new products are:

The Phoenix magazine

and the ostomy conventions

Monthly UOA meetings


Hello Bob. 

I have great respect for folks who venture out and look for their own solutions to problems.

I do not have the problem of liquid output, but if I did, the first option that I would try would be the same stuff that I use in my hanging baskets for absorbing moisture. It comes in a cup-sized container and I get it from my local garden centre. (The crystals absorb the water and expand into a gel.)

The second thing that I might try is the wadding in the incontinence pads, which also absorbs liquid and I have always suspected contains much the same water absorbant gel as the one mentioned above. For the past couple of years I have lined my hanging baskets with inco pads and it works brilliantly! 

Just a thought!

Best wishes




I used Convatec Diamonds gel. I paid $89.95 plus taxes in Manitoba.


Wow, that sounds really expensive! I know things are more costly up there than in the US. They work well, huh? Imagine they would have to pay that much for them! 


I just tried it a few times. Yes, they did. At that price, I don't want to use a lot.


Ange, not every time. I use one after lunch and then one after dinner.


Yes, lovely, I did check your like. It's in American prices. With the value of our dollar and shipping, it wouldn't be much difference.


I guess if smell is an issue, I'd go with Hollister M9 odor eliminator (14.49/bottle). Four to twelve drops each empty, so an 8 oz bottle lasts almost a year.

I load a syringe with it, so it's easy to take to the bathroom inconspicuously. I have about a hundred spare syringes, so if you try it and decide a syringe would help, let me know.

As for the gel, all I can see it doing is eliminating the sloshing sounds. I can't see it really helping with reducing the need to empty at night; volume is volume.



It's a gel, does thicken 

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