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Hernia surgery


Hi everyone.  It has been awhile since my last post.    I am at home recovering from hernia surgery.  I had 4 repaired.  one parastoma under my stoma,  and 3 incisional   I still have 2  one in each groin,  but because I was under for 5 1/2 hrs.   My surgeon saved those for another time.    He repaired the one  under my stoma and also made my stoma smaller   ( which is good )  It has been over 2 weeks sinse my surgery  I was in Hospital for 5 days.  I had alot of asheasons and scar tissue that needed to be cleared away.  Surgery was laproscopic with Robot assist.  the only way to go.  But don't let anyone tell you it is not major.     I am just now taking it one day at a time  and feeling a little less pain as each day go's by.   Well thats my storey.  The other thing that has helped was my sergeon applied a binder after my surgery.  and I am wearing it during the day off at nite.

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Hello Little Red.   Thanks for the update and it sounds as if everything is progressing well so far.  I do hope it continues to do so and that your recovery is a rapid one.

Best wishes



Hey Little Red! 
So glad to hear all things went well and you are on the road to recovery! I am sure life will be a bit easier with all those hernias taken care of! Take it slow as you know! 
keep us posted!

Rest up! Enjoy that tinme! Hope you have someone waiting on you hand and foot!



Thanks  Puppy  but I have been on my own here at home.  except for a gal that comes in to help with house work and meals 3 xs a week.  My grandaughter was with me the day of my surgery   she was my lifeline.  my sons etc sister all live away or out of state.

  it has not been a fun trip   LOL  but glad it is behind me .  Thanks everyone.




i know that has to be tough! Doing all that on your own is a big thing. I really like to be left alone when I have surgery. My husband does cook for me and brings me anything I want so I am very lucky. My animals would suffer if I was not able to tend to them. Would be tough feeding them and letting the dog in and out. 
Thanks Goodness for you Neice! I know that was a big help. 
hope you continue to Do as well as you have! 


Puppy  I have a cat  and she is a inside cat.  my gal that comes cleans her litter box   and I can feed her.  I slept on my sofa the first 8days at home  only the past 4 or 5  in my bed.  I feel the worst is behind me.  And yes it is tough not having anyone to help.



Hi Little Red,

Thanks for the update.  I am glad you’re recovering well now. That was quite an ordeal you have been through.  I hope you will continue to mend.

All the best,



Hi Little Red, Sorry you have had to go through so much and mostly by yourself. I am glad you are one the mend and hope for a complete healing.


Hi Little Red

You have been through a lot...I wish you all the best as you recover....Take it easy and take care.



Hi Little Red, .

Any surgery is taxing to our bodies. Take your time as you recover.  My prayers are with you!

Take Care,



Hi Little Red, Just wondering how you are doing. Hope you are a lot better.

Reply to Puppyluv56

Thanks all  It has been awhile since posting.  My Hernia repair under my Stoma failed  and is now the size of a cantalope.  the other three are good.   I am just plugging along   with what I have . Unless I would have a problem with the parastomal hernia I won't have any thing done now..  Hope this finds you all well and  enjoying your life.


Hi  Little Red, good to hear from you. Sorry they were not able to fix everything. Best wishes 

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