Post-Surgery Pain Duration?


Had my ostomy on 8-29-19, spent 8 days in ICU. Woke up with a respirator, thought I was dying. Had to rush to the ER 3 days before surgery date due to the pain, 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. Spent 18 days total in the hospital.

Pain through the roof for the whole time in there. Had my reversal on 1-29-20, spent 4 days in ICU, 11 days total in the hospital. Doing pretty good overall, getting some weird pains on and off in my belly. Not sure if it's just gas or poop moving. Highest pain since I got out last Saturday night, about 7-8, so that's not too bad. I'm wondering how long to expect to have post-surgery pain. I believe last time it was about 6 weeks after surgery. I'm hoping for less time on this one, it's been 15 days. Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. God bless. NOBODY COULD EVER KNOW OR UNDERSTAND THE PAIN WE WENT THROUGH. YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT TO KNOW...

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Hi Bob1022

Just give it more time. Happy for your successful reversal.


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Thank you. It has been a crazy nightmare for 6 months.


Hi Bob 1022

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

You are so right about the pain we go through.

Like the song says "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

Hang in there... let the healing happen.



Thank you. God bless.

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God bless you too.


Glad to hear you were able to get a reversal. Just don't push yourself and cause more problems. Best wishes


Thank you. I'm not doing anything for 8 weeks. This has been a crazy nightmare for 6 months. God bless.


Maybe it's just been my experience, but that level of pain seems a bit excessive. I'm about a week ahead of you. I was reversed on Wednesday, the 22nd. Thursday morning they had me up and walking, albeit with the help of morphine every two hours. Friday the NG Tube came out and that made getting up much better. Saturday the catheter came out. By that point the only real pain was the incision itself, which was pretty painful. Midday Sunday they discontinued the morphine. I couldn't really justify it any longer and I was concerned it would end up constipating me. Sunday was also the day my guts pretty much let loose. It was gas all day long on Saturday. On Sunday I was in the bathroom at least 20 times. Monday I was down to about 10. Tuesday they sent me home, and by that point a few Tylenol spread throughout the day pretty much took care of it. The staples came out last week and I stopped the Tylenol on Tuesday. Now there's a little occasional residual itchiness but that seems to be the extent of it. I'm down to basically two trips on average a day, though one night a few days back, for whatever reason I got woken up at 4:30 with some pretty nasty diarrhea. Still not sure what that was all about.

When I had the initial colostomy, in August of 18, I think it took me a week or two longer to get back to this point.

Are the doctors telling you this is normal?


Yes, they are. I had a lot of dead scar tissue they had to cut out, and the operation took almost 4 hours. I do not remember the day and the next day after the surgery, Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, I was walking in the ICU. I got out on Sunday to a regular room. I was passing liquid, but it took until Thursday to start passing gas. I came home last Saturday.

The pain is better today, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It was just stool and gas. Thank you. God bless.


Hi currents... I think it would depend on the severity of the case. He was in ICU on a ventilator... It nearly killed me too. I was in the hospital for a month. Yours was extremely successful, which is fantastic... Not everyone can be so lucky. Take care. 




I understand that, and of course, everyone's experience varies. I was, however, under the impression that usually diverticulitis patients have an easier time of it, as these things go, not to say it's a cakewalk for any of us.


A friend of mine had diverticulitis and was very constipated. Her family doctor told her to take laxatives. A couple of days later, her bowel burst. It was touch and go because she was septic. She survived, thank God. She had a colostomy for six months and had a very successful reversal. A very happy ending.


That's how I initially started. I micro-perforated and abscessed. I spent 10 days in the hospital with drains sticking out of me. nbsp; Different doctors at that time said I should be OK. Riiiiiiight.... 8 months later, I developed a fistula to my bladder and was living on handfuls of Senna and Cipro a day. Not too long afterward, I developed a wicked UTI and was in emergency surgery for the temporary colostomy.

Based on what she told me, I kinda wish I had pictures just to see how bad I was inside. She told me I was a train wreck.

My 6 months turned into 16, first because I lost my insurance, and then the surgeon broke her hand.


Wow, Currents, you went to hell and back.... There is so much negligence being done by surgeons and doctors. It's sickening... and they get away with it. Glad you are doing so much better now. Take care.



Hi Bob,

You are so right. I am so glad there are online communities!!

I lost my colon 1-29-20, the same day as your reversal. I'm still exhausted utterly and am sending hugs and healing vibes your way. :)


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