Managing Tuna Fish with an Ileostomy?


Hi -

I've been buying a lot of tuna fish in a can - scared of their virus... haven't eaten tuna fish yet, how do you all do with it with an ileostomy?

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Tuna fish is okay to eat. It won't cause any problems... it's a bit smelly when emptying, but so is a lot of food. Don't let that stop you from enjoying it.

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I have a colostomy but have no problems with tuna! I have tuna salad on crackers every day for lunch.


Hello Gardengirl.

I eat tuna regularly both from the can and 'fresh'(if that's not a contridiction in terms)  I like it very much and have never come to any harm eating it.

However, I do have recurring and increasing amounts of 'indigestable' guilt about the way that some of the tuna is treated before it dies, but that is a different story!

Best wishes



Hi, I have a lot of issues with food but tunafish I can eat. I have no problem. I bought a lot of tunafish myself just in case with this coronavirus going around.

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Do you have an ileostomy? How long have you had it? 



I have an ileostomy and enjoy tuna fish in salads or sandwiches and it never smells when emptying.

I love canned salmon as well but can't eat it because of the strong fish smell which hangs on for days when emptying. Probably because the tuna is packed in water and salmon has a lot of oils.



Hi Gardengirl. I am 4 years post loop ileo and tuna fish is fine with my stoma. I'm a pescetarian so seafood is my 'meat'.

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Hi Gardengirl, the only problem I have is tuna from the Pacific that got radiation from the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan. I try to get only fish caught from the Atlantic. I also eat sardines for the calcium.


Thanks to all for the comments - very appreciated!

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I love tuna but to be honest when emptying you know you ate tuna lol....but it has not had any negetative effects...enjoy

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