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What I did during intimacy... This is to help you ladies out there.


So I bought a corset that I wear around my waist and I tuck my bag into it. It helps to make sure you've recently emptied it and then afterwards I'll go to the bathroom and pull it back down. When it came to intimacy, I never had any issues with my fact, my partner started having jealous issues because he made me feel so confident. It was an overwhelming situation since he was the only man I've ever been with.

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Glad to hear you're moving on with life.  Understanding how hard it is even for men, you've made me realize, it's even harder on women.  People who are willing to oversee this bodily change in us, are the one's that see beauty withn....


What a really good idea!

You go girl!

That is really inspiring. I think I need to go online and get my own



I've been wearing a Ostomy Secrets wrap since November 2016, just a few months after my surgery. That along with a Nu-Hope support belt are worn basically 24/7. I find going without either terribly uncomfortable. 

The two can be worn during intamacy without issue, I'd assume they would work for women just as they''ve worked well for me. Now the rarity of intamacy in my marriage is a whole different topic.......

Have you had any problems going forward MontgomeryDeanna575? You mention an ex, I'm wondering if you've been able to meet new people and so on without issues? I hope so! 


I do love that idea.... It is still a stuggle to meet people...i haven't met anyone and I feel extremely subconscious and couldnt imagine telling others. Its only been a few months without my ex so im not looking for a relationship but I've never even dated before since I was so young when I got with my ex so i am so out of practice. Lol 


I use a spandex camisole. Works wonderfully and is sooo comfortable.


I use a spandex camisole. Works wonderfully and is sooo comfortable.


That's a great idea also..thanks

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