Recovery Update: Back in the Wrestling Ring!


Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing well with the pandemic craziness as well as your health. Just wanted to give a little update on my recovery.

Had a Hartman procedure for perforated diverticulitis. I wore a colostomy bag for about 4 months and had a successful reversal on

March 10, 2020. I gotta tell you I feel amazing. My bowels work better than ever before. I put back on all the weight I lost from

the surgery and I'm getting strong again. I have a little bit of bulging in my stomach by the ostomy site. Had a CAT scan to see

if it was a hernia which I was almost positive I had. Turns out it's not a hernia but some scar tissue built up. Going to see the doctor

on Monday to see about my options for maybe taking care of that.

2 weeks ago, I stepped back into the wrestling ring which is something I never ever thought I'd be able to do again. I'm not

taking any bumps or falls just yet. I want to ease into that. But I'm training young aspiring wrestlers and getting myself into shape

at the same time. I've never been passionate about anything in my life as much as I am about being a wrestler. I thought that was

something I'd never be able to do again after I woke up in the hospital with a long incision on my belly and a bag full of poop hanging

from the side of my stomach. I never even knew what a colostomy bag was until I woke up with one.

I'm so thankful to God, my family, and especially my girlfriend that have been there for me since the beginning. I'm not ready

to take my shirt off at the beach just yet, but I'm feeling more and more confident each week. My journey back has been positive

so far and I'll never forget how lucky I am.

If anyone has any questions for me about my journey, please reach out. I'd love to help in any way I can. I wish you all a

very Happy 4th of July.



Inspired... that's awesome! Really glad for you, dude!



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Wow - what a fabulous story! So happy for you! Thanks for letting us know.



Thanks so much for the update. It is great to hear some successful stories. I pray you will continue to do everything you want to. Glad you had the support you needed; that is always important. Best wishes for the future and stay safe.

Past Member

Hi Inspired,

It's great to hear about a successful reversal, always. Even better bouncing back with such stamina. Good luck and enjoy life. You have a great attitude, never forget... mtnman

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Inspired indeed! 

Thanks so much for sharing your story. it is good to hear from people who have had successful surgeries and particularly reversals.

Best wishes



So glad to hear everything has gone well for you! Now you can get on with living! Thanks for keeping us posted. Be sure to pop in on occasion!