Tips for Waterproofing Wafers


Hi all, I am going crazy trying to find a way to protect my wafer from getting wet while showering and swimming. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I take a shower daily and have never had any issues. I change my bag every 5 days.

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I use this product from Amazon for protecting the wafer when I take a hot shower to prevent it from peeling at the edges.

It is reusable until the elastic wears out.

Empower your change Ostomy Shower Guard

Swimming is something I have not tried yet.

Hope this gives you an option other than tape and plastic wrap.

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Hi, I shower and do not use any protection. Just dry off with a towel and use a hairdryer. No problems.

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Bubbalee, why is it a problem if your wafer gets wet? What happens when it gets wet? I shower every day without covering my appliance, and I swim several times a day in the summer without problems. The only thing I have to cover is the filter on the bag, and I use the little stickies for that.


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Hello Bubbalee. You don't say what sort of stoma you have. If it is a Colostomy, then I would highly recommend that you look into  irrigation as a management tool. This could resolve many of the problems with showering and swimming, as you would have no output during the day. Also, in the 'collections' section (above) there ar lots of past posts on this subject and under 'ostomy tips' this is the first subject they discuss.  I hope this helps.

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Hello, some people I have read use Saran Wrap to keep wafer dry. I don't like the edges on wafer to get wet as I feel this will also affect my skin. The heat is the wafer killer.

Good luck. Penguins7

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Hi Bubbalee, I use Nexcare brand pink tape I get at Walmart for about 3 bucks. I use the pectin-based wafers and the tape keeps the edges from getting gooey.

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I also like Nexcare tape sometimes.


Like some of the others have said, I don't use anything. I just dry with a towel, no problem. It could be the type of wafers you use. You can get samples from the different companies.

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I use cling film. I wrap it around my stomach and back, then I squeeze it all over except the part covering wafer. Water doesn't enter. Earlier it was very tiresome to get myself ready for shower, but now with this method it has become so easy as well as time saving.



I take a ziplock bag of the appropriate size for the pouch, turn it upside down and cut a hole on one side to match the ring size. The hole needs to be marked by laying the pouch on it with the top of the pouch touching the bottom of the ziplock. Then it is just slipped over the whole pouch and hangs freely. A little water gets in around the hole but for the most part it stays pretty dry.


Same here, not a big deal


Mine gets wet all the time, when I shower or do water aerobics. I've never had a problem. I pat it as dry as I can and let it air dry the rest of the way.


Have used Safe Seal over the wafer every day. No problem with shower, bath, or swim.


I use Hypafix tape, that stuff is awesome. I tape my edges down so the wafer doesn't peel up in water or sweating. I routinely get 7 days out of the appliance even as I workout almost every day in the heat or swim.  



I'm using Hollister # 8331 pouches. They have an outer flexible tape (like ACE bandage material) molded onto the adhesive wafer. I wear it into the shower every night with no problems. I get at least seven days out of the appliance, so it is durable. I have not tried swimming with the appliance, but I feel that it would hold up to a bit of water sports. Note: after showering, I am careful to dry the appliance thoroughly, and I also dry the adhesive tape area very well using a Kleenex brand hand towel. I apply pressure to the tape area while drying to help it maintain a good seal.


I'm like many others here, I don't do anything after shower or swimming, and I don't have any issues. I change my bag about every 4 days or so. I used to use Press Seal over the bag and then use the pink tape over the edges but that became a hassle that I could live without. Good luck!!


Hi all, this is a very interesting post, since it shares a lot of personal experiences. Each person is different, and adapts to ostomy management differently. I've had my ostomy for more than 50 years, so my supplies, appliances, and products have changed a lot over the years. The one thing that hasn't changed is that I've never worried about water around my wafer (even in the olden days). The first thing I wanted to do, the first summer after my surgery, was get back to the beach and swimming in the ocean. I'd been sick for 4 years and hospitalized for most of the year when I was 15. I've found that more important than water getting on the wafer is the quality of tape one uses. I am extremely allergic to all but the newer/non-adhesive tapes (get hives and lesions - gross) from other tapes or the pull off my very damaged skin when removed. The best one I've ever used is "Scanpore". I taped all around the edges of the wafer, and the tape dried just like skin. When it became unavailable through the insurance company, I tried some of the Micropore brand tapes, but they don't hold up as well, and I often have to replace it. But I've always been able to shower daily, swim in the ocean or pool, and even go snorkeling. The only time I've had a problem is when I went into the Dead Sea in Israel, where the very salty water caused my pouch to detach from the wafer. That was a mess, but I managed to get cleaned up because the wafer was still on my body. Best of luck to everyone.



Hello, along with so many others, I too have never in 36 years used protection while showering or swimming or even in a hot jacuzzi, although I only stay in the hot tub for a maximum of 15 minutes. I wear the Convatec Durahesive wafer and simply dry it off with a towel.


Hello--I was wondering if you meant the barrier you change every 5 days instead of the bag. I save on bags by washing them out each time I "poop". Taking showers I don't wear my bag- I take it off & just leave the barrier on. The barrier does seem to lift sometimes but just tape the edge that lifted.

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I am relatively new to ileostomy care, but I've found the Sure Seal™ Ring to be a great protector of the wafer. It enlarges the area of skin that supports the bag, which is more comfortable especially when close to emptying time. I find I need to use a belt less often. I also use the Hollister New Image wafers with the flexible tape on 2 edges. I never have a problem with the wafer lifting.


Check out Stealthbelt, they make a support belt specifically for swimming along with everyday use.


Got it!!! I have a colostomy, which I hardly ever use a wafer due to my barrier stays on much better since I started using cement tac. Glad you are having great results with the wafers!!


No... I don't think you're crazy.
I've had issues with the skin around my ileostomy/stoma, and keeping it dry is important.
I use a product called Press and Seal.
It can be found in most supermarkets near the Saran Wrap.
I tear off enough to cover the wafer and the area around it. It sticks to your skin.
After the shower, I take it off and throw it in the garbage.
For me, it's convenient and easy to buy.
And it sticks quite well!
Hope this helps you.


Don't worry about getting it wet! I've been in hot tubs, the ocean, and swim all the time. It stays on without any problems. Don't get it wet right after you change your bag though. I try to give myself about 24 hours before I get it wet.


I used a product called "No Sting Skin Prep" by Smith and Nephew and I never had any issues with getting my appliance wet. I never had peeling up of the edges or any issues. I began using it due to skin irritation and it helped with that also! Good luck.



As time passes, I find myself using less and less product. At first, I thought I had to have barrier tape, sterile gloves, lubricants, odor controllers, seals, rings, etc. You get my drift. I have found that I need none of these and most opened up an opportunity for a leak that I did not have prior.
I use nothing but a Convatec two-piece system and on occasion, an adhesive remover wipes when changing my system. I shower daily, swill all day, most days in the summer, and snorkel in the ocean as often as I can, and I have no issues. I am fortunate to have good skin and can wear a flange for up to 10 days. On occasion, if I have been in the pool all day for several days, I may have to change at 7 or 8 days. I just blow dry the pouch and the flange when done and move on. Hope you find what works well for you!

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