Eakin Barrier Ring - Difficulty removing adhesive?


Hi all, I tried an Eakin barrier ring (slim) for the first time a couple of days ago. On the second night, I had a bad blowout which I blame on the pouch, but when removing the whole thing, I had adhesive stuck all around my stoma from the barrier ring. For those of you who have had experience with this product, is this normal? It took a lot more adhesive remover and a lot of rubbing to get it all off, making my already pretty tender skin even worse. I have used a variety of barrier rings and have never had this problem. These samples may have been some of the older ones, maybe a year or so old, so I don't know if this would have anything to do with it. Many thanks!



If you had it on for a day or less, it is more sticky than if you wore your pouch for 3 or 4 days. The answer is yes, it is normal if it was on for one day or less. Also, it may help to hold the adhesive remover over the spot that is very sticky for about one minute before wiping it. It will come off easier without irritating your skin. Another option is to keep a damp face cloth over the sticky area instead of adhesive remover because adhesive remover might sting whereas water is soothing. Hope this helps.

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Adhesive remover wipes get most of it off, if a little is left behind just put the new ring over top. For me, removal is followed by a bath or shower so very little is left behind.

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Yes, that's normal with Eakin seals. That's why I stopped using them.


Hey Delgrl, do you use adhesive spray in the can? I use the spray and it works great. Stay well.


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Hello Terry.

I use the Adapt Holister medical adhesive spray and it works for me. I do also use the adhesive remover spray to remove the baseplate, otherwise I think it might make the skin a bit sore.

Best wishes


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