Acidic output causing discomfort and burns

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The forum discussion is about a person experiencing acidic output from their ostomy and seeking advice from others who may have had a similar issue.

Hi, I have had my ostomy for almost 8 years. Over the last year, my output has become very acidic to the point that it burns my stoma and surrounding skin, and I have to use lidocaine at times. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Here is a link to a page where that was discussed. Hope it helps. Best wishes and stay safe.

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Hi Lovely, thanks but that forum was more about skin irritation and while I get that from time to time, I know how to fix it. I was curious about other people's output, if it causes burning of their stomas, or is it just me.




Hello Dess.

I do sometimes get acidic output. but have not had any problems with skin irritation. But then, I irrigate so the outut does not stay for long in that area.

Best wishes



Hi, Dess.

I have had (what I consider to be) normal skin irritation due to the bile/digestive enzymes in my output, but nothing of detriment to my actual stoma.

Have you spoken with your GI specialist about this? Perhaps there is another issue in your GI tract that needs to be diagnosed and addressed as you have had your ostomy for 8 years, and a definite change occurred about a year ago.

I hope you can find more information on what's causing this problem.

Be well.



Hey Lily,

Thanks for the help. Yes, my GI doc has just done some blood tests to see how acidic I am. And I guess there are a couple of meds they can try me on. I wanted to see if it is just me, or has anyone else had this issue.




Hi Dess,

My stoma "burns" as you describe where I had granulomas that I removed with silver nitrate. Although the granulomas are gone, that section of my stoma stings pretty good most of the time. I'm not sure it's related to acidic output, but more to the condition of the skin specific to that area. Not sure what your bowel situation is, or how much is still intact, but with my small bowel only being about 4' long.........what comes out is always acidic in nature due to the bile produced and stomach acid not reabsorbed. Normal pH for someone with a complete small and large intestine is 6.6, with the "normal range" being always on the acidic side of things. You can check yours simply enough...........just get some pH strips (the ones for the pool are cheap) and check.

If it ends up being at the high range or over, you may have an issue with bile malabsorption.........and they can check for that. If your pH is too low or on the basic side of things, you could have bacterial overgrowth.......but that's not really what we're talking about here. Get with a good gastroenterologist and they should be able to tell pretty quickly if you have an acidity-related issue or a stoma skin issue. From what I've found, there are no real "stoma experts", as it seems to fall between the specialties of gastroenterology and colorectal neither seems to be very knowledgeable on the specific stoma itself. But maybe your experience will be better.

I put topical betamethasone on the area of my stoma that stings. It burns going on, but provides relief for a few hours. If I were you, I'd wait to talk to a good doctor before trying to treat it. If it's any do get used to the pain after a while, and it's just another "new normal".




Take liquid probiotics and prebiotic to keep probiotics working.
Eat a decent yogurt with the lowest number of ingredients. Most yogurts are more like desserts. I eat, when needed, Chobani Greek yogurt strawberry flavor.
Reduce acidic foods.
All these should help.
Keep reading here and other ostomy sites.
Take care, Sharon


I have already cut everything acidic out of my diet. I also take a probiotic every day. I am waiting on blood tests from my GI doc to see how acidic I actually am. Thanks for the yogurt idea.



Yes, I have had to stop eating nuts, although peanut butter is okay.

I know we are supposed to be very cautious about eating nuts anyway, so it's been a rare occurrence for me and I have finally quit, but if I do, everything goes sideways in a big hurry. Acidic output, blowouts, red skin, the works.

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