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What bags?


Hello all, I'm new to all this and have a question concerning bags.

Does anyone use a disposable pouch system? What's the best brand and what, if any, issues have you had?

The drainable pouches are not my thing and I'm looking for a better system. Please help.

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Munger, I think it depends on what you mean by disposable. I use a two piece Convatec. Many on this site like Hollister or Coloplast. An ostomy nurse can help you with you decision. I can wear my pouch 4 to 5 days before I have to trash it. It really depends and we would need to know more about your situation. Mike


Hi I don't use the disposable pouch system, but there are some on here that do. I am sure they will chime in. One thing youcan do is call or go on line to the different suppliees and they will send you some samples to try. Of course it it is always good to hear from someone who have actually used them. Best wishes and stay safe.


I use a Hollister two piece system that is all I know. It works for me.


Hello Nungsr

I'm fairly new to this journey as well, my APR surgery was last October.
There are so many different products and opinions out there, it can be so confusing and overwhelming. I'm very fortunate to have amazing Ostomy nurses and with their guidance I was able to try different samples, from several different brands. But, as many people will tell you, it truly it's about what works for you personally, as each Stoma/Health issues are uniquely different. Moreover, of all the products I tested, settled for the brand Coloplast, specifically the "SenSura Mio" Two piece system, cut to fit, with a disposable bag. There's no going around cleaning feces, and in a very direct tangible way, with a reusable bag or disposable one, but I find the latter so much more practical and easy, it suits me, mainly because I don't have to deal with where I dump the output, i can change bags in my bedroom if I want to, the feces stays inside the disposable, I dump it into a small plastic trash bag Coloplast provides, clean the stoma and the barrier with baby wipes, put a new disposable bag on, done in 3 minutes tops! I change the barrier/wafer every 5 to 6 days.  

Personally, my opinion, Coloplast products are of the highest  quality, the "Sensura-Mío" system it's their newest line, the bags don't have that crunchy plastic sound when you move, the front and back of the bag are covered in a super soft, skin colored waterproof fabric, very stealth. The bags have the best air-filter in the market, it addresses gas output and keeps the bag from ballooning, the clip to secure the bag onto the barrier/wafer it's super reliable and sturdy, the Brava adhesive strips are second to none and allows me to keep the barrier/wafer on for 6 days, even though I shower daily, go to the Gym and I'm pretty active, yet never had any accidents like leaking, or the barrier coming unglued. 

But, nothing it's perfect, and all brands/products have limitations and short comings, it's all about what you're  willing to compromise for, and what your health insurance it's willing to pay for. However, most brands offer several different systems that includes the choice between a reusable or a disposable bag.

Call the three most recommended brands i.e Coloplast, Hollister, ConvaTec, talk to their Costumer Support agents, ask them questions and tell them about your particular situation and need, they will send you free samples of most everything, try them, then you can make an informed decision.

good luck! You got this buddy!! 



Hi there, 

I use a disposable pouch system. It is called  a closed end pouch. I use a two piece system from Convetec. I irrigate so I can often wear a pouch for maybe six days. Sometimes not as fortunate. I change my barrier every 10 days. I too prefer the closed end pouch. Just pop it off Into a sealable zip lock baggie and in the trash. For away from home, I buy Black zip Locks. Pop a new one up and you are done. Less odor than draining as well. I guess just because exposure is less. 
When there is a problem, I can just pop on a drainable pouch to the same barrier. Nice to have versatility for any circumstance. 
Now there are disposable bags than can be inserted down into a closed end, two piece pouch system. You just pop it off, put in the toilet and flush. They are biodegradable.

Lota of options out there, 



You are so right about Coloplast being a superior product. I love the bottom Velcro seal and the material the pouch is made of. I just do not like that two piece click system. They have failed me so I moved to the Convetec. I just wish their quality of pouch was like Coloplast. 


So far Coloplast never failed me(finger crossed) unlike the Hollister two piece system, what a mess!!! thank God it happened at home!  
I could definitely get a lot more than six days of use from the barrier, because it looks intact when I change it, but for me, I feel like the Stoma and the skin that surrounds it, gets a lot of benefit from a brake, a lukewarm shower, plus I have some minor shaving to do as well. I like to pamper the surrounding skin with a nice fragrance-free oatmeal bar soap, then rub Tea Trea Oil and Organic Coconut Oil(both powerful natural anti-fungal, and highly humectant), very affordable at Trader Joe's, I let the skin get some air and hydration, then wipe any trace of oil and treat it with 3M Cavilon protector film, put a new barrier on. I do this when I know my Stoma it's the least active during the day, allowing the skin to breath and hydrate for at least 30 minutes, though I keep some paper towel near just in case 

We tend to focus so much on managing the output, that we forget the Stoma and the skin surrounding it need some  TLC and pampering 


Thanks once again you are a wealth of knowledge my friend and I really appreciate all the tips... of course I to have to shave the area around my stoma.


Hey Nungsr!

You're welcome dude! Like you, I'm here to learn and meet other people on this crazy life changing journey, but we're blessed to do it in this time and age with so many more choices and solutions just in the last decade alone(the silver lining).

I'm naturally curious, but even before cirgury had an incredible team of professionals, Colorectal Surgeun and Ostomy nurses who I consulted with, and continued to support me. But there's hands-on knowledge that comes with experience and time, that isn't written in books, hence why I'm here on this forum. 
Anything I can be of service, if it's in my grasp, count on it! 


There are many different products out there.  I have used the disposable ones when I had my hand surgery.  It was more easy to use with one hand. I prefer the one that empties as I only have to change it out every 4 days.  However, I am soon to have rotator cuff surgery and will be using the single use ones again. I liked them but they had to be changed out 4 times a day which got a little tedious after a while. You might like to email a couple different companies and ask for samples to try.



Can you give me the actual product numbers your's really confusing and whenever I order free samples they send the older products...please help!!!


Hey Buddy! I'm sorry for responding so late, just reading your message now, I'm going to take pictures of what I use and put names and numbers on pics, I will include two different barriers and bags. One that I previously used, and which you have to cut yourself, btw your stoma it's going to change sizes the further along you're recovering from surgery, so having a barrier that you can cut to fit at the beginning it's very useful. However, my Stoma has settled into a definitely smaller circunference size, so I changed the system(bag and barrier) that's a "cut to fit" model, meaning I don't have to bother with cutting the barrier to size, it already comes that way, one step less in the process.
Coloplast includes a paper Stoma ruler which includes different sized circunferences for you to measure your Stoma against. Knowing and keeping track of your Stoma size changes it's very useful and will help you decide for a "cut to fit" barrier in the future.

I'll include names/pics/numbers for both bags and their subsequent barriers, as well as all the other components of the system I use. Everything in the pics are available for free samples, including the scissors to cut the barriers. Coloplast and most all other brands are very keen on people trying their products, they know it's a possible lifetime customer.  

check out my profile for pics and numbers.

Hope this helps!! 



Hey just finished uploading all the pics and products I use, hope I didn't make a mistake typing the numbers, and I really think you will be better served calling Coloplast and ordering the samples directly from them, to make sure bags fits the barrier.

Moreover, the only product I use that's not from Coloplast it's the brand 3M's Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film, but Coloplast has their own, it's called "Brava Skin Barrier Wipe", ask for samples of those as well!

good luck, and I sincerely hope it helps!!





Hello! It can be so overwhelming choosing the right system! If you have a wound/ostomy nurse, I would consult them first. However, you may request samples from all brands. Most every company offers either a one piece or two piece one time use system. The pouch will be completely closed, so when it's time to change, you'll throw it out. 

honestly, I had considered this, but I was concerned with my skin integrity if I needed to place new pouches more than once a day. I use a 1 piece drainable. You could consider the Teo piece, where your wafer remains attached, and then you can throw away the used pouch, and clip on the new pouch! 

Hollister, covetec, and Coloplast all have versions. I would also consider one with a filter, so you don't need to worry about gas build up. The service reps on the phone are very helpful too! 

Good luck to you! 

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