Mixing Convatec flange with Hollister pouch?



I like the ConvaTec moldable flange (421040) but I am trying it out with the Hollister (18903) pouch. Both are 57mm. They seem to fit together. Has anyone tried to mix brands like this? I accidentally poked a hole in my ConvaTec pouch so I just swapped it for one of the Hollister samples I have to see how it will work. Hopefully, less of a 'water ballooning' effect when it gets full.

Any ideas?

Thanks... Gary



I never tried to mix and match, I would not get too far from the house until I was sure though! I would have to hear about an epic failure when you are out and about!

Let us know


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That would be great if they were all interchangeable! I like the flange of Convatec with the mesh putter part but I love the Coloplast pouches but hate their click system.
If they would just merge into one, it would be wonderful!
Keep us posted! I have tried but nothing I tried worked.

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I haven't tried mixing flange and wafer, but other products like belts, pastes, skin protectors, etc. seem to mix and match well. Curious to hear how it works out for you!



Well, good news and not so good news.

When I replaced my ConvaTec pouch with the Hollister pouch yesterday, it seemed to snap on OK. No leaks, no problems. However, I woke up this morning and noticed that I had a very slight leak overnight. Only my t-shirt was a little damp. So...maybe they will fit together, but not so well. Maybe since I was in a horizontal position when sleeping, the urine pooled a bit more around the flange.

So to do a little more investigation, I took out a new ConvaTec flange and a new Hollister pouch and just tried to put them together. There is definitely not a good fit. I could not get the Hollister pouch to fit onto the ConvaTec flange completely. Though they are both '57mm', the manufacturing of the actual plastic grooves must be a bit different. And, the ConvaTec flange was probably a bit warm being next to my body, so it might have been able to 'stretch' a bit to accept the Hollister pouch.

The unfortunate thing is that Hollister does not make a similar moldable flange. It does have a somewhat similar 'FormaFlex Skin Barrier' flange, but it did not get a good review back in 2016, by Vegan Ostomy.


But, I'll have to see if I can get some samples of the 'Hollister FormaFlex Skin Barrier' flanges to see how they work. I've had my ConvaTec on for up to 7 days with no problems. Hopefully, the Hollister will do the same. I like the ConvaTec pouch except for the bulky tap; it pokes out through the pants, especially as the pouch fills up.

Anyone have an opinion of the 'Hollister FormaFlex Skin Barrier' flange?


PS Found an 'updated 2021' review by Vegan Ostomy but really the same video. But it has a few comments at the bottom.

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I think I can confirm that you should not mix the ConvaTec flange with the Hollister pouch, even if both are the same flange size. I had another minor leak in my experiment. I took a closer look at the flanges on both and they do not appear to be similar. Close but not the same.


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