3M Micropore Tape: Unbelievable Adhesion, Even in Moisture!

Jun 09, 2021 4:39 am

Hi gang,

So you may recall I've been replacing the bandage portion of my barrier with 3M Micropore tape. Well... got to tell you, this stuff is amazing. And if I wasn't like your typical guy, I would have read the instructions and product info well before now. But nope... who reads that crap? So the other day, I was changing my barrier and I mis-timed it a bit and started having bile output. When that happens, my only option is to stay situated over the sink and ride it out for the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to empty and stop. So I had some time to kill... so I figured, why not read the product literature for the Micropore tape? And I learned something amazing! Now I'd used Micropore last summer around my barrier edge when I swam in the pool a lot. It sticks like glue to your skin, so it prevented the edges of my barrier from peeling up! And I always remember cursing at it when I had to remove it after swimming the next morning because it seemed to stick even better after it got wet. But knowing that's not possible, I just filed those thoughts away. Until I read the product info. There it was, clear as day... this tape was designed to increase adhesion in the presence of moisture! Yeah, this stuff sticks even better when you wet it! So I wasn't seeing things that morning after swimming and couldn't get it off... it was just doing its thing! It's also pressure-sensitive, meaning the more you press, the better it sticks. It even recommends lightly wetting the area of skin you want it to adhere to if you want it to really stick. So wow... great stuff! Think from now on, I'm going to read the directions and literature before I use a product, not after. Oh heck... no, I won't... I'm a guy! That's like saying I'm going to ask for directions... sounds good... but just ain't gonna happen. But great tape if you have a need for it! Highly recommended!



Past Member
Jun 09, 2021 5:25 am

Hi Bob, that has been my mantra since I first discovered 3M Micropore. There are copies but none do it like the 3M brand!! I've been using it for years. I've sung its praises many times, especially for swimming. Have to admit that I never read the insert but that has been my experience. I've used it in the Atlantic, the Pacific, and every lake and river that I come across!!! It actually gets really sticky when wet. Even the big cold (55 deg!!) waves of the cold wild West of Ireland beaches was no challenge for Micropore!!

The only other product that has changed my ostomy life is called "Absorbagel" in Europe, a product called "Pearls" in the US. It will turn a full bag of liquid shite into a small amount of brown shite pudding in the bottom of the bag. It comes in small sachets, packets like a pack of sugar, put one or two into the bag (open the bottom after you empty and pop in one or two) EVERY time you empty and it will change your life. I never worry now about leaks in bed or when out to dinner etc. There's no bag of liquid shite sloshing around while I pray that I can find a bathroom in time!!! On a plane (I fly a lot) or on a long car ride, it will save your life... and your clothes, your car seats, and most of all your fellow passengers!! That liquid shite smells something awful, as y'all know!!!

Have you tried the gel, Bob? You should give it a shot.

All the best, Eamon.

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Past Member
Jun 09, 2021 6:58 am

Me again, Bob, Eamon / aka Magoo, Mister Magoo, or just plain Goo... One brother still calls me Goo, I think because I loved soft yolk gooey eggs to dunk my toast cut in strips. My dad called them "soldiers," probably also after the absent-minded "Mister Magoo."

Anyway, I digress... On Amazon, you will find the amazing Micropore tape in brown, light brown to match my California tan. It looks less conspicuous at the beach. It just looks better if you don't have a shirt on.

Best wishes, Bob. Your posts are always interesting and often quite witty and nicely written.


Jun 09, 2021 7:38 am

Hey Magoo!

Thanks for that info!   I've heard others talk about 'pearls' on here previously, but dismissed it due to the sheer number of times I empty my bag making it impractical.........but now that I've learned to control my output considerably through diet, quantity, and timing, I think I need to take another look at it.   I can envision times where what it does would come in handy........so thanks for reminding me that some products I dismissed early on might now have a benefit.   I'll definitely check it out!!!  



PS.....Just checked online, and for those looking for Pearls they're called "Trio Pearls- Odor reducing Gelling sachets".   There were also three other similar products listed with the Trio.........so here's all four. I can't speak to how well the others work, but if anyone can......please let us know!!

Trio Pearls- Odor reducing Gelling sachets - TR205-(100pcs) hellip; hellip
36.95 (0.37/Count)

Parthenon Par-Sorb Gel Packets, 100 Gel Packets
31.19 (31.19/Count)

Diamonds trade; Gelling Sachets, 100 sachets
30.52 (0.31/Count)

SU960EA - Gel-X Absorbent Capsules, (Use In Pouches) 140/Btl
17.68 (17.68/Count)

Thanks again Magoo!!

Jun 09, 2021 7:48 am


As your cartoon character would say to himself......"Oh Magoo, you've done it again!"  I didn't know it comes in colors!!!  That really WAS my only criticism, in that it doesn't match my skin color.  But maybe it does!  Eamon, you're two for two tonight!  Please keep 'em coming!  It's info like this that continually adds value to this site!!!  Amazon.........here I come!

Thanks again my friend!!


Ok, just checked Amazon.........for those interested it comes in White and Tan, in widths of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 inches.  Brilliant!  Mine is on the way!

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister
Past Member
Jun 09, 2021 8:31 am

Hi again Bob, it's nice to have something to add to our arsenal! I use the two-inch for swimming, great stuff. One thing I learned a long time ago was to put a small strip of the one-inch tape on the opening at the bottom. The Velcro has failed me once and once is all it takes. I was in the local pool in Ireland, Ballina in County Mayo, and all was well while doing my laps. As I went to the shower, the bag was about half full (no gel pack so it was like brown water, as usual without the gel). I turned on the shower and as I stepped in, the Velcro closure failed and opened! Everything being just brown water, it went right down the drain. If it happened in the pool!!! Don't know what I would have done. Even with the gel, I tape the bottom, belt, and suspenders, Bob! I may not have snapped the Velcro tight enough? Don't know? In my profile pic, I was just swimming in my bro's pool and you can see the tape around the flange. That was after a full day swimming laps and messing with the kids, no fear of beach or pool anymore! Yeaaa!!

The gel packs mention odor control, not sure if it helps rid me of any stinky smells but it has cut my bathroom trips dramatically. It turns a full bag into a small squishy soft jelly, gel which will not come out even if the bag opens accidentally. It does not flow until you squeeze it. I have a 17-hour flight back to Ireland and only visit the bathroom a few times and no risk of leaks. The Absorbagel is the best and I've tried a few different ones, might get that from Canada, haven't checked. It's English and for a tub of 150, they cost 125 British Pounds, very expensive.

Later Bob, stay safe out there.


Jun 09, 2021 12:11 pm

Hi Eamon,

Yes, it is. My arsenal is small, but that's because I'm lazy and only think about ostomy crap when I need to. It used to be on my mind all the time, but I finally said "f*ck that" and decided to focus on living, and not what was dragging me down. Odor for me isn't an issue, as my gut's so short nothing has time to ferment and get smelly. Guess that's a good thing in some sick, twisted way.......but I'm glad I don't have to deal with odor control. It is interesting that there are so many aspects of having an ostomy that are different for each of us. But I can see the gel pack being used say when I'm out on a date. Even though I wouldn't eat for a few hours before I met said femme fatale.....at some point in the conversation I'd have to get up and use the Boy's room. If the gel can buy me another half hour or more, that would be a huge plus. So I'm definitely going to experiment with it a bit. I'll probably throw up a post asking if folks have tried the others I listed to see what their experiences have been, and if any of them stand out in ways that might benefit me.

As for the closure, I only use the clip type. Because I empty my damn bag so often, the end tends to get dirty, and the Velcro isn't easy to clean on the fly......so I stick with clips. They are certainly not ideal, but in my case, tend to be the lesser of two evils. Velcro is funny stuff. It works until it doesn't, and then you're screwed. But if it works for ya.....by all means, use it!

You strike me as a guy who's chompin' at the bit to get in here and help folks.........which is awesome, as you sound like you have a lot to offer folks on here in terms of your experiences. Don't be shy.........keep posting this good info. Maybe some of the others sitting in the bleachers will wanna get in the game. Between all of us, we have the collective experience and knowledge to help almost anyone with any ostomy-related problem. As long as we're willing to speak up. Thanks again for the tips..........I'm waiting for the Amazon truck right now!!!



Jun 09, 2021 2:17 pm

Eamon... I forgot to ask you... what do you use to remove the adhesive residue left on your skin when you peel off the Micropore?  I just tried using some CardinalHealth No Sting Adhesive Remover pads and they didn't touch it.  I eventually got it off using mostly my fingertip, but that irritates my skin.  So what do you use?



Jun 10, 2021 3:35 am

Hi Magoo,

I have a question. Is it paper tape or surgical tape? Planning to do some pool fun this summer. zwj


Past Member
Jun 10, 2021 3:44 am

Hi, thanks.... The 3M tape is called "Micropore surgical tape". There are many others, but this is definitely the winner. It's hard to find in pharmacies. It costs me up to ten Euros in Ireland over the counter, on Amazon

only a couple of bucks. I always get a pack of six two-inch rolls. I put it all around the edge of the wafer and a small piece over the Velcro closure. You will be able to swim in peace without all that worrying about leaks.

So happy that I can help!!


Jun 10, 2021 3:47 am

Hi Bob,

Thanks for sharing about the amazing tape. I do have two questions.

3M paper tape or 3M surgical tape? Checking Amazon lol

Was great to hear you say it lasted until the next day! But when you finally removed the tape, did you use adhesive remover?

I am very excited about splashing in the pool ‍ this summer


Jun 10, 2021 6:45 am

Hi bays,

I believe it is a paper tape with a Rayon backing. Just search Amazon for "3M Micropore" and it all comes up. It'll last for days.........I just change my barrier every other day.......but others have used it for much longer times. The adhesive remover I'm not sure of. I asked Magoo what he uses, as I tried the Cardinal Health No Sting Adhesive Remover wipes........and they didn't phase the residue from the Micropore. So just not sure yet what the best thing to use is. It does really work well in the pool......and you will notice it sticks even better once it gets wet. Pretty darn awesome stuff.



Hold the presses..........I just watched the 3M video on Micropore removal. It says Micropore adhesive is unphased by alcohol, so they recommend we use a moisturizer to dissolve the glue. Will try that on Friday morning and let you know how it goes.

Past Member
Jun 10, 2021 5:14 pm

Hi gang, I almost always do my bag change in the shower. This makes it much easier and safe from the "Squirts"! When I have to do it outside the shower, in an emergency, I always get those quick squirts that can land anywhere, mirror, sink, etc. I do the hair wash, etc., with the old bag off and let the hot water wash over the stoma, shampoo, etc., flowing over the stoma area. Any residual adhesive from the tape just melts in the hot water and I wipe with a paper towel. I let the hot water run on the area for as long as possible. If I have some raw, excoriated areas where the wafer goes, I might give a bit of extra time under the hot water. I just use my fingernails to scrape off any sticky residue and finally, I shave with a new razor (making sure the blade is new and pristine) and that takes off any remaining residue and any hair growing where the pad goes. This makes for a perfect surface for the new wafer. I have a very hairy belly (No!! No gorilla back hair!!) so I have to do the shaving for a smooth surface. The hot water is very healing on skin that is a bit weepy and feels so good. It just feels great to have the bag and sticky bits off for a while and feel "normal" for a few minutes without the usual "baggage" lol... I never use any cleaners or alcohol, etc., just soapy water from the shampoo and it does a great job.

Take care my friends and stay safe.


Jun 11, 2021 8:48 am

Hi Eamon,

Thanks for that! I'll be changing my barrier in a couple of hours... so I'll try the moisturizer and see how it goes. I also got my tan or skin-colored tape today and it looks good. Perfect for my redneck tan!



Jun 11, 2021 9:22 am

Hi Bob,

That's awesome you received your order of tape quickly.

If possible, can you attach a photo of it? And is it paper tape surgical? No worries, it's no rush but just want to make sure I get the right one. It's used just for water fun.

Do you have any recommendations for summer time? What can I use to secure bag edges from leaks? Or if anyone has suggestions... trying to be prepared for when I return to work. I am so worried about leaks and etc.

This topic is so helpful. A big thanks to all!


Past Member
Jun 11, 2021 5:18 pm

Hi there Bays, I put up some pics of the 2-inch tape, the box, and details. Magic tape that will save your butt when you really need it. That and Absorbagel/Pearls are two things every Ostomy person must have!!

Later Bays, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Jun 11, 2021 5:38 pm

Hi Bays,

Sure can.......see attached. It's called a Surgical Paper Tape, so it's a paper tape with a Rayon-Polyester backing (Rayon is a natural-based material made from the cellulose from wood pulp or cotton and Polyester is basically plastic) and is hypoallergenic and latex free. It's also classified as "clean" but not "sterile", if that means anything to anyone. It's a very thin, almost translucent tape that's easy to tear by hand and sticks like nobody's business.

The cool part for me is the color. It matches my skin tone exactly. In the pics the flash sort of hides that fact......but I pick up my shirt and look and all I see is bag.....no barrier at all. Of course that's just me getting lucky......but I'll take it where ever I can get it! You can see in the pic I just stuck a piece of the white version above it for comparison. Oh, it's also listed as '

I didn't use a moisturizer this morning because I forgot that I used the Marathon skin protectant on my skin on Wednesday to see how that would work with the tape.......and it worked just fine. Tape removes the Marathon when you take it off, leaving just bare skin. The tape sticks to the Marathon better than the Marathon sticks to your skin.....which is good.

Any other questions just shout...........I'm diggin' this tape so far. Cheapest I found it was on Amazon, where a box of 12 rolls (1" wide x 10 yards) in Tan was $20...and delivered the next day.



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Jun 11, 2021 6:53 pm

Good afternoon Bob,

Thank you so very much! Wow, I've seen the pics - awesome! And yes, I agree, it's a perfect match for your skin tone. I know it will match me as well. Thanks again. I know exactly what to order and for your help and everyone's help too.



Jun 11, 2021 7:00 pm

Hiya Magoo,

Thanks, I will take a look at the pic and I appreciate all your help as well. I am so excited to try it and have fun splashing around lol.

All groovy here on my side of the woods, thanks for asking.

Thanks all and Bob and Magoo, you guys rock! Take care.


Jun 17, 2021 9:00 am

LOL... Bob and Magoo, you guys should do an ostomy blog or podcast or something to review products! LOL! I loved reading your back and forths LOL and actually learned a ton (I'm going on Amazon next to order that 3M micro-whatever tape and some diamonds!!!). Thank you both for your input and giving me a little giggle towards a shitty situation! (Pun totally intended, LOL)

Past Member
Jun 17, 2021 9:30 am

Aww...you are such a sweetie, Dani. All the people here are so nice and caring towards all the other members. Some of us have had a longer and more treacherous road and fallen into potholes along the way, sometimes being swallowed by an enormous pothole in our path. It is so nice to have someone throw you a lifeline and help you climb back up on your feet again. We are our brother's (and sister's) keeper, and a little kindness and compassion go a long way when you just woke up with a plastic bag full of shit glued to your once pristine and possibly beautiful torso! Same happened with me, Dani. I was ignored and not diagnosed for months, three different hospitals... "Don't worry about it," they said. Eventually, I was brought in almost unconscious from pain. I had no idea what an Ostomy was, not a clue!!

Anyway, I am so happy you like the way we pitch in to help solve problems whenever possible and soooo happy you even got some giggles along the way.

Thank you, Dani. Eamon

Jun 17, 2021 2:32 pm

I just randomly came across this site... and kinda sat back and just read lol... but you guys actually had me laughing last night with this thread! It's really cool to see a bunch of ostomates helping each other out... and the information on here is way better than I've gotten from doctors lol!

I'm sorry you had to go through such a traumatic operation also... it really fucked me up! It's nice to meet someone who's also been through the same dark road as yourself... I feel like way more people had planned procedures, not that it makes it any less traumatic but a little bit of time to process what was about to happen to me would have really helped! Anyways, it's comforting to see someone like myself being such an advocate and helping so many people out! Very cool! So nice to meet you, Eamon! So excited to be a part of this community, thank you again for the warm welcome!!! Have a great day love! (It is still day in Ireland, right? lol... forgive me, I'm in Boston, MA) Oh, and I'm Danie, btw! LOL

Jul 01, 2021 7:59 pm

Hey Bob, I'm so glad you came to your senses.  Being on this planet so long as a mechanic, engineering project manager, chief systems trouble shooter and, of course, a home owner, I learned there are only two times when instructions should be read.  First and almost always is after the task is completed, successfully or otherwise.  The second would be after about the third day of what you considered to be an hour or so job, used every tool you owned and destroyed sections of the surrounding area.  

Thanks for the reminder,


Aug 22, 2022 5:05 pm

Bob, can you explain what you mean by "replacing the tape"? Do you literally cut it off? Thank you!