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Heat wave and sweat


For those of you that have tried different bags and wafers this question is for you. I have a permanent ileostomy. I live in SC. I have been helping my mom in the garden a lot and being hot a sweaty definately takes its toll on the wafer sticking to the skin. I currently use Coloplast and have had no troubles till the temperature got in the high 80s and 90's. Any tips?

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Hello FEB9,  Yes, you bring up a good topic with the heat and wafers.  Personally I change out my wafer each day and if I plan to be outside in the heat I will wait and change out later in the day. The problem is cotton underwear does not breathe very well and is the culprit.  I have found some alternative underwear that are much better in the heat from Ostomy secrets.  I play 18 holes of golf in the extreme heat and have never had an issue with my Coloplast wafer not staying in place.  To avoid skin issues make sure you change out after a day in the heat.  Good luck and stay well.  Penguins7


feb 9hh , recently we had unusually hot weather and i got a couple of leaks which does not usually happen so i used the half moon strenghtheners which i think were recommended to me on another post. in the uk they are called brava elastic tapes supplied by coloplast. 

i do not use them long term because they cause me irritation after a while.


Hi Feb, 

i too live in SC. I use the Convetec two piece, barrier and pouch system. I work in the yard, get in my pool most days and never had any issues. If you really like what you have, you might want to try the Coloplast Barrier Y shaped strips. Really helps to keep the pouch secure. 
have you tried them before? I used to used them long ago but no longer need them with the pouch system I use now.



Hello FEB9HH in SC. I became in Ostomate in 93 while living in Florida.I now live in Florida.  Humidity and heat have always been an issue for me. During the summer, I also go through more appliances (Holliister 14902) to avoid yeast that can occur from sweating or getting my appliance wet. I do my best to get my gardening done when it's below 80,  early in the morning or in the evenings when I'll do less damage to my appliance and skin. 

If it's just damp and not bubbling up, I'll dry it out with my hair dryer like I do after each shower. But if I was sweating and the wafer looks a little bubbled up, i'll replace it.   


Thank you for your reply. Very helpful ideas. Sounds like I maybe need to try more blow drying and more frequent changes. 


Deodorant on the exposed skin around the outside of the wafer helps as well.


If you can keep your bag off your skin that may help. A bag cover or underware with a pocket may do the trick. 

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