Scabby crust around stoma - need advice!


I noticed this yesterday, it is on the bottom so you cannot really see it from the top. I have been sitting in the tub for over an hour and it has not softened up much. I may call the nurses but thought I would try here first. Would it be from laying on my stomach? But I have done that before. My new Salts drops? It is just weird.

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Is it possible your wafer was cut a little too close? Or somehow rubbed against the stoma?

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Nurse at first look pics said there is nothing to worry about. See what she says tomorrow. My flanges are pre-cut and are not tight.


Wow X,

Hope you find the cause and cure soon. Anything need is worrisome!! Keep us posted!



Going to the nurse tomorrow. Said it was an ulcer. They just want to have a look. If that is what is on the outside, what is on the inside.

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Necrotic slough, watch it and send more pics. Nurse and doc looked at it. If they are not worried, I am not worried.


Looks much better today. Cannot think of any trauma that may have caused it. See what the nurse says.


I am watching it and sent more pics. It has moved from the bottom to the side. Nurse is going to talk to Doc again.


Doc said to stop using the Salts drops and things are much improving. He wanted to do a biopsy and now has canceled it. Saves me a trip to the hospital. Looking better every day.