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New ostomy

Fri Aug 27, 2021 3:00 pm

Just had permanent colostomy placed 4 weeks ago.  Had this placed to relieve me of misery from a two year battle with a ileostomy reversal.  Being 4 weeks post op my ostomy is still "uncomfortable ".  Worse when up and moving.  Wondering if anyone else experienced this and how long or if it ever becomes "part of you" and you don't even notice or think of your ostomy.  Thank you for thoughts.

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Sun Aug 29, 2021 2:29 am

Hello Indy5.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and predicament. 

4 weeks is still very early days and post-operational discomfort is what they describe as 'normal'.  This discomfort is not likely to suddenly stop, but more likely to gradually reduce over time (time which is difficult to predict because we are all different in the healing process) I used to describe it as 'JND' - short for Just Noticable Difference. and I would be alert to to these minute-subtle changes on a monthly basis. As for getting to the stage when I: 'don't notice, or think of my ostomy' . This only came after I began irrigating and had no output during the day. Hence, there was no reason to be concerned about the stoma except during irrigation. 

I was told not to consider irrigation until at least 6weeks post surgery, but others have been told different times dependent on what was wrong with them and the whims of their medics. 

My recommendation to anyone with a colostomy is to investigate whether they would be suitable for irrigation and, if they are, to GO FOR IT!

Iriigation will change your practical life and your perception of having a stoma for the better and you will stand a much better chance of reaching that state of mind where you  'don't notice, or think of my ostomy' so much quicker. 

Best wishes


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