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Bag-free" stoma device


I am Dr. David Armstrong, a triple-boarded colorectal surgeon in Atlanta, GA. I also invent and develop surgical devices to improve patient outcomes. I have a new "Bag-free" stoma device which avoids the need for stoma bags, plates, and pastes. The device sits inside the stoma and can be "capped off" to keep the stool where it is supposed to be...IN THE COLON! The device can be uncapped at any time of your choosing or emptied using a disposable tube. IT IS SUPER DISCREET. Get back to the gym, jogging, poolside. GET BACK TO LIFE

No bags, no plates, no pastes. Cap it off and empty it whenever you want. SUPER DISCREET. No skin issues; no odor; no leaks.

If you are on LinkedIn, you can take a look at this link too:

I would appreciate your feedback on the device.

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Hello armstrongmed.

Thank you for sharing what looks like a useful device. Unfortunately I was unable to watch the video on YouTube as they required age certification (i.e. a copy of driving licence  or some other confidential ID).

I have had problems with privacy issues on the internet on previous occasions, where my personal data has got into the 'wrong' hands, so I am not prepared to send this sort of stuff out to people I am not entirely sure will not sell it on.

Maybe if whoever, invented it has their own website, if so, I would be tempted to have a look, but until then, this product will remain an 'interesting' idea.

Best wishes



Will it work for a high output ileostomy gal ?


First issue that occurs to me:  Dr. Armstrong, the inventor of the device, obviously has a financial stake in the relative success of this thing.  That puts me on notice that his recommendation to ostomites is tainted by his self-interest.  I'll stay with my pouch and await the verdict of users, ostomy nurses, and other knowledgable and objective observers.

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Me too !


Cant deny it is interesting and it's good to see someone thinking outside the box.

I'm wondering if because of the way it secures inside the stoma it would prevent prolapse too.

I'll be interested to see any real world progress.


"IN THE COLON" so is that for colostomy's only? as sounds very dangerous for ileostomy/jeunostomy can go to the gym and Living Life with a bag but can see your point of view some would feel more confident without a bag 


I don't think I could do that.



So I managed to have a look at the video via linkedin.

My first impressions were that we need people like this to be inventing stuff that 'might' work effectively and take us forward.

However, at present I irrigate and use a stoma plug, so this will be what I am comparing this device too.

Dr. armstrong says that there are no 'caps' - but then goes on to place a plastic cap over the device which sticks out considerably more than the thin plastic wafer on the stoma plug; Also, the stoma plug has small air vents so that gas can escape relatively easily. We know (from experience) how gas can cause all sorts of problems, including 'blowouts', bringing output with it once the 'cap' is dislodged. If gas builds up behind this device, then it will either be painful, or there will be a 'disaster' waiting to happen.   My own stoma plugs intermittently get ejected from the stoma along with gas and sometimes faeces. However, The baseplate stays in place long enough to get to facilities where I can rectify the problem. It might be useful to explain that I wear an irrigation sleeve at nights and sometimes this is blown up like a balloon with gas. Anything that does not allow that gas free passage will potentially cause a problem.

I would also want to know how it will cope with peristomal hernias. If these are just behind the stoma outlet, then the internal part of the device is likely to be distorted or the hernia may be damaged. At present, my stoma plugs are made of porous material that 'goes with the flow' so to speak and, if there is undue pressure, they get expelled without causing any damage.  

On the surface, this does seem to be a great idea, but it needs some real-life trials and some honest feedback from participants in those trials. 

Hopefully, we will hear more about this product as it goes into the trial phase.

Best wishes


Reply to Ritz

Same thing I was wondering.  I don't see it working with an ileo, and I can't say I agree with what this doctor says about the stool staying in the colon "where it's supposed to be".  With an ileo, I don't think the small intestine should be used as  a parking lot.  It wants out!  I'll stick with the what I'm doing thanks.



I have always said a devise needs to be Invented that has a valve to release output, and or gas, when needed and convenient to the person. You could empty once a day, just like irrigating, and save all your money you now spend on Ostomy supplies! Of course , there will always be some sort of supplies. Not wearing any pouch would be wonderful but let's see clinical trial data. I have not looked at the link yet. Maybe it will answer some questions.



Wouldn't work for me, as I'm short gutted and you need a colon to act as a resevoir to use such a device.  For me as soon as a chunk of something I didn't chew well enough decides to come out....the pressure my stoma can make would blow that bag right out. But as Bill is good to see people trying things.  But that idea is really only for colostomy folks.......and then it's a battle between irrigation or that invention.  But very interesting and much appreciated that you brought it to my (our) attention.  If you hear of anyone growing living bowel.........or making an internal resevoir that my body won't reject.........with an AI powered sensor and valve system to mimic my ileocecal valve and sphincter......I'm all in!!



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sock it to him henry! SMACK! bag of poop. hee hee.


I have seen something similar from Europe at this website:

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From the YouTube video, it looks like it would only be suitable for a colostomy.


Contemplating this a little further, I was thinking that it might be particularly useful for those who have an 'innie', or problems with output irritating the perimeter where the stoma meets the skin.

Just a thought!


It's an interesting idea! It might need some tweaks! 

How has it been tested? Ileostomates and colostomies?

I would like to see more development!

It's a great idea!

E& I

Reply to Daanders

Me neither!


Maybe I should invent a hose to hook onto my ileostomy and have the other end into my toilet !! 


I would love that


THanks for posting your product.  I watched the video.

I currently irrigate and use closed stoma caps (Dansac Nova) for use once I'm sure any post-irrigation discharge is done with (can be tricky with timing before work), so am eyeing up your product as a competing idea to my current solution.

Specific questions:

1. What would be the minimum practical size?  My stoma is 30mm (actually, 30mm pre-cuts are a little too large, but I was blessed with skin which is not easily irritated).  Whilst this doesn't prevent something like this being put into my stoma, the flexibility of the polymer material the rings are made of may make it tricky to tighten the outer bag, or collapse the inner ring, as a small diameter ring would be effectively stiffer.

2. How effective has it been in trials at not leaking around the device, at the edges of the stoma?  I note there is no adhesion to the surrounding skin - I'm not demanding adhesion, but it would be good to understand how effective/risky this might be as far as leaks go?

3. How might a user who wears it for swimming in a public pool, make it look less obvious?  Rather than a hard plastic cap, might it be possible to use a retaining ring and a waterproof fabric to make a skin-tone circular cap which is a lot less obtrusive?

Interesting product idea, and I like the concept, as well as the fact that you're thinking about the problem and possible solutions!

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