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Sore on my stoma



I have had my ostomy for 6 weeks now, and have developed a rash and a sore on my stoma. I have been using a antifungel powder on it. Now this sore makes putting on my bag uncomfortable. 
I am going to see the ostomy nurse on Monday the 4th. Just wondering if anyone has had the same thing. And if so, what did you do to help clear it up?


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Hi D,

  Did the antifungal eliminate the rash?  A single sore isn't usually indicitive of a fungus infection.........something else is going on there.  Is the sore just a tender red area or is it infected (swollen, warm and producing puss)?  I'd take a pic of it when you can, this way if it clears up before you see the osto-nurse she might be able to identify it......and tell you what to do if it comes back.  Otherwise.......are you sure it's not a bruise?  Does it bleed?  



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as of yet, the rash is still there. I don't know if it's allergic reaction to the barrier or the tape. The little sore is just a red area next to my stoma. It only bleeds a little bit when I'm cleaning it. But it's not getting smaller. There is no pus or swelling or warm. It's just sore when I put on a new pouch. I did try a new poaching system today which is a two piece. And the flange has the rollaway barrier instead of cutting it and so far that feels pretty good on there. 
it is not a bruise, it's just a little red sore right next to my stoma on my skin. I will make sure I take a picture before I go but I just put the new appliance on so I probably won't do that now until Monday.

it did not look like this in the beginning so somethings going on with my skin and the barrier or the tape which causes the rash I believe. So we may have to go another route when I see her which I'm not sure what that would be. I just want to be comfortable and let it heal.

thank you for your reply and suggestions and advice.



The moldable holister and convatec barriers will help. I use holister. The rash is likely caused by fecal discharge on unprotected skin. This is very common. Antifungal powder and or skin prep can help. If the rash is the same size as the barrier then it is likely an allergic reaction "contact dermatitis" I have this too. 


Athletes foot powder has helped me rather than stoma powder.

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Hi D,

  Yup, I hear ya.  I've been battling with peristomal skin issues on and off for some time now.  What I've learned is that Dermatologists are great with Acne, Psorasis and the more common skin issues.  Stomas are not what they normall deal with.......and most have no clue if your skin problem falls outside the box they normally work in.  Guess it's not their fault, they deal mostly with those other issues and we're outliers.  So bottom line.........don't get your hopes up too high when dealing with Dermatologists.  

  Ostomy nurses and wound care nurses are a better option if you can find a good one, as they've probably seen and dealt with the problems we ostomates have.  But even they have their normal box they work in, so if you're an oddball in terms of skin problems you might stump them too.  Don't ask how I know.   ;0)

  I put a link up a few months ago to a fantastic medical picture book on stoma and stoma skin issues.  I'm looking for the link now, but worst case I have acquired a few copies of the book and can send it to you if things get worse or totally out of control.  It's a tough book to look at because you have no idea how bad things can get with stomas and peristomal skin.  But if you can find a pic of what you've got going on it will help pinpoint the problem for whoever you're seeing medically for it.  

Ok.......just found the link......just remember to look at it BEFORE you eat a meal, not after........enjoy!



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