Elevated Liver Enzymes after Ostomy Surgery - Any Similar Experiences?


Has anyone had elevated liver enzymes after they had their ostomy surgery? I get normal blood tests every year with my health insurance, and after my surgery, it showed I had high enzyme levels. But when I told the doctor I had no large intestine, he was not as worried. Does that sound right, and has anyone had the same thing on your blood test after having an ileostomy surgery, that your liver enzyme levels are now higher? I know there are other things that can cause this. I would love to see if you're seeing something similar.


Turns out after my surgery, I went the way of gaining the extra weight, some good, which was the extra strength and muscle, some bad. I went from 215 post-surgery to 273 lbs this past summer. I was still traveling and eating like a college student. Well, it looks to be fatty liver, but it is looking like it was identified early, and since a major change in diet, I have dropped 20 lbs from diet alone. Feeling better and am continuing to lose the extra weight. I found out from reading some of people's stories that weight gain is a major thing that happens after surgery for many. Hope this information can help others that might have similar things like this that might happen to them.


Long road... No, with my ileostomy I've never had high liver enzyme issues, but I'm tested monthly to check my electrolytes and kidney function.



Long road, my liver enzymes were elevated for a year after my surgery. They did go back to normal after a while. I was checked regularly throughout this time. I had to keep an eye out for hepatitis. Hopefully yours will go back to normal.

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Hi Longroad,

First, when it comes to liver function testing, there's 'elevated', and then there's 'ELEVATED'... if you know what I mean. Your liver does need to 'recalibrate' after part of the bowel is removed, but you should keep an eye on your AST, ALT, Bilirubin, and Alk Phos levels. I checked mine every month, as I was on TPN for a year... which REALLY screws up your liver function. If I were you, I wouldn't be too concerned with your elevated levels but would check them more frequently to see if they are trending down. Your liver is one organ you can't live without, so you don't want to take a chance waiting too long and doing irreversible damage. The actual test numbers change throughout the day, so try to get tested at the same time each day and record what you eat or drink prior... and do the same thing before each test. It took my liver numbers over a year to get back to normal, and my Bilirubin remains elevated... but within the normal acceptable 'elevated' range. But I still continue to keep an eye on it just because. If you're really concerned, shoot me your test numbers via PM, and I can tell you how bad is bad.



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Thank you for the help, I have had the lab test come back with them saying elevated levels for the past 2 years but they never explained that well but to dismiss it when they see I am missing my large intestine, will use your info to allow me to look more into it. Taking a new medication for higher A1c numbers this year but not extreme and this topic came back up after the lab test.

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Thank you for the feedback. I guess everyone is different. I have not had issues with anything other than my vitamin D being extremely low and my B-12 being off the chart, which I cannot explain where I am getting that much from my diet. Glad to hear from your feedback and experience.

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Glad for the feedback. I need to have my doctor look more into the root cause of what might be causing it. I will probably need to check all things. I do know there are many things that can cause it. I crossed the 40-year-old line a little while back and my body seems to want to point that out to me as my right knee blew out 2 weeks ago. I work with older co-workers and they enjoy that I am catching up with them.

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