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I have had an ileostomy for almost 50 years. Since the beginning, I have used a pouching system produced by Marlen Products (MDW-10-201) that has worked very well for me. I prefer this pouch because it is made of a vinyl/plastic material and is extremely durable, especially for showering or swimming. You can't see anything through the pouch at all. I have tried the newer pouches, but the material of all the others seems very flimsy in comparison and not very durable, especially for swimming, which I enjoy living in Florida.

I can also usually go 6 to 7 days before changing it. This is also a testament to why my skin is in very good condition.

However, this pouch system is very cumbersome because the pouch must be attached to a mounting ring (face plate) and secured with an O-ring. A double-sided adhesive disk is then applied to the faceplate and then to my skin.

I am a petite woman under 5' tall and therefore, I use a pediatric size. But as of late, Marlen has stopped manufacturing this pouch in pediatric size and in beige. It is still available in a small size in white. This would be acceptable to me, but in addition, the machine that makes the faceplate has malfunctioned and Marlen doesn't know when or if the machine will be fixed.

This has led me to trying various pouches from different manufacturers, but I haven't found any pouch that has the wear or durability of the Marlen pouch. However, I have found that all of the new pouches are very easy to apply and remove, especially the one-piece design.

My ideal pouch would be a pouch that is made out of a non-see-through vinyl or plastic like the Marlen pouch, but to have the design of some of the one- or two-piece systems offered through different manufacturers.

At present, I am contacting the various manufacturers to provide this suggestion and hope that I can pique interest from them and other OstoMates into a more durable pouching system.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Well, I don't have a permanent solution, but.... you might try eBay for estate items. I get most of my supplies there at a reduced price. If you should find them there, I suggest you buy as many as possible. Good luck.

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Hi Redondo,

I looked up what you use... seems pretty much the same as what the Big 3 offer, with the exception maybe of the actual thickness of the bag material. That being said, I've re-used Hollister bags for up to 6 days and never had a problem with durability. Actually, since I got my front-ass in 2014 I've never had a bag break or get torn, and I'm pretty rough on my stuff. What your bag looks like is a thicker version of ours, but do you really need that? Yours reminds me of a hot water bottle type of plastic, whereas what most people use is more like a Ziplock bag type of plastic. If you have a local ostomy support group nearby they usually have lots of samples that members bring in... so you can touch/feel and see what you like. Otherwise you can ask folks on here for specific things or order samples from the other manufacturers. I think you'll find something to your liking... there's a lot of ostomy products out there. But if not... just shout.




Hi Redondo! I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to use those pediatric Marlen bags with a rubberized Marlen flange, Torbot colly seals, and bead o-rings prior to my BCIR surgery. The BCIR surgery failed, and I went back to a conventional ileostomy. I really liked the pediatric pouches because they were wider and, best of all, no noise! I searched all types of products, but no manufacturers even come close to these bags. I do have 3 white pouches and 2 bead o-rings that I can give you for free. I am using a Convatec two-piece with Eakin Seals. I find that this option is more secure than the Marlen with colly seals. With the Convatec, I could wear a pouch for 4 - 5 days. With the Marlen, I was changing every 2 to 3 days. The Convatec became more cost-effective also. That's just my opinion. Many on this site use other products and would say theirs is best. There is no right or wrong. Just go with what works best. I think the big manufacturers don't want to make Marlen-type pouches because it would raise the cost of production and ultimately the cost to the consumer. Please PM me if you would like me to send you what I have. Mike

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Hi. Thank you for your recommendation.

I have actually been having the main manufacturers sending me samples. You are right, this type is more like a baggie. I don't like this at all.

Mine isn't quite like a hot water bottle material but it is thicker. I don't have to worry about getting it wet swimming, bathing or showering.

My ostomy friends change these new pouches usually every 3 days. When they get dirty from handling, they are not easily cleaned. One manufacturer also told me that I need to be prepared to change every 3 days. Most folks don't like change and I guess I might be one but it just seems as though of getting an improved version the newer versions to me is a downgrade. The saying "They just don't make things like they used to these days" applies to this product for me.

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You are probably correct that the Marlen type of pouch that I use would likely cost more. But, if one is able to use the pouch twice as long, the cost overall might be negligible. I agree also that the Marlen pouch that I use is less noisy. The others rustle.

Plus, I know there are pouch covers that some use. I can understand why on the new pouches why they would do that because it would be a more discreet look. But, this would be more cost and more trouble to use.

As I said earlier, I can still get the old pouches in the larger size and in white. I'm worried though that the faceplate might not be available again.

Thanks for your reply.


Redondo, I also found 2 unused faceplates and more bead o-rings I can send to you for free. Let me know where to send them. The pouches I have are pediatric. I know it's not much, but at least it gives you a bit more time to find the best option for you. I would also check with an ostomy nurse to see if they can suggest something. It would be my pleasure to help! Mike



I have found that the Coloplast pouch is made of the best material. Unfortunately, the click system they use to fasten the pouch to the flange is horrible so I use the Convetec two-piece. It is not the higher quality of the Coloplast but the system to attach is so much better.
I change my flange every 10 days. In the summer, 8-10 because I have a pool and am in it every day. Like you, I have never had any skin issues.

Hope you find something compatible with what you have had success with.


Thanks for the info. I just received a sample of the Convatec and will check it out.


Hi Redondo!

I have always used the Convatec Natura 2-piece system. I've tried others, but the Convatec stays on the best and I can usually get at least 7 days out of it. I have sensitive skin, and this system works best for keeping my skin healthy and free of rashes or skin breakdown.

There are so many brands and sizes, and everyone is different, so you may just have to go with a little trial and error.

I hope you find something that suits you.


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Hi Casper9

I tried that one and I wasn't able to keep it on for more than 1 day.

So far, other than the one that I use, I think I like Coloplast the best for the material.

It's not so much how well they stay on but the actual material of the pouch is more durable. Plus, the tail closure on all of the others are so much wider than the one that I use. This makes it very awkward to drain and clean off for me. The tail closure on mine is only around a 1" opening and very easy to manage without getting the outside of the pouch dirty.

At this point, I'm thinking that I will stick with my old brand and try to make the mounting rings last as long as possible and use the larger white pouches.

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it very much.


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