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My Good Doctor said


Well I have been so anxious over my appt with my GOOD surgeon on Monday my good Doctor said most surgeons like to wait 6 months, in a week it will be 5 months.  My last bad surgeon who gave me a mess said my colon is basically shot.  I don't know if I want to believe him.  My biggest fear is not waking up with a stoma but it might be an illeostomy.  I might be mistaken but don't the liquids burn your skin and you flow all the time.??.   I don't really know the difference between illleostomy and colostomy but my colostomy usually shuts down for the night.  Only had about three nights when I was up emptying the bag.  I have been feeling sick like prior to my emergency surgery and my good dr and me agreed I could have sprung a small leak. Or my really sick gallbladder is acting up.  He said make sure to tell the good surgeon and he might take me in sooner.  He said I have to be my own best advocate.  My luck with my health has been rotten so now I think it will take a turn and it will all be ok.  I am ok if I wake up with a true rosebud stoma but for a colostomy.  The bad surgeon really botched up by taking only a small piece and then not hooking me back up. Then tells me I have a 10% chance of this happening again.   I am sure glad I found all of you.  If I was ten years younger oh but I am not .     Ok your turn

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Thanks Ritz that makes it a bit easier.  I have been the most unlucky for over a year it just keeps coming at me.  One illness after another.  Even my friends don't know what to say anymore.  So, going in for surgery I just have no clue what he will be able to save.  I am having diverticulitis pain off n on for a week now cus the idiot surgeon didn't take all the diseased part.  Oh well I now have two great doctors have great confidence they will do their best.


I have an order for abd cat scan but no one has called .  I see him on Monday and assume he won't be doing me the same day lolol but I will ask him to clarify that order so we can get it done ASAP.  My good physician says to make sure the gallbladder comes out at the same time.  Better recovery once then twice.  You seem very wise  and give great advice.  

As to my beliefs it was a funny thing when I knew I was dying and a large part of me was all excited.  In the Book of Enoch we get to go to one of the four delightful places.  I wouldn't mind that at all and if that is not enough for me..I remember doing a funeral service once and I shared.  I don't know what dead in Christ means or asleep in Christ I only get excited because it is in Christ.  I am one of those who looks at what is happening in the world and connect it with the Bible.  My Pastor friends get freaked out by me because I am bored to tears with the same sermons over and over when there is so much more.  Oh n mention unicorns, fire breathing dragons, dinasours, and ufo' all found in the Bible, if it was older days I would be burned at the stake for being a heretic.  Not me I believe in a living God and actually have witnessed for myself some wonderful things he has done...I find the Bible to be the most fascinating book.  People read it wrong.  You have to pick a topic then find all the verses that goes along with it.  Then you see the bigger picture.  God never makes it easy we have to hunt.  I am the female version of Indiana Jones.

Ohoh here is something I found in ancient writings.  When Adam n Eve had Children they always had twins.  So Cain was supposed to marry Abels sister who was homely.  While Cains sister was a knockout.  We are told that God loved Abel more and Cain was jealous of that and killed his brother or the true story that he wanted to marry his own sister.  Hmmmm which one is true? Well in the Bible it has a short blurb and says Cain married his sister.  Now regarding incest that was not an issue.  In Duetoromy the law against marry your family members was started and that is when it was incest.  Remember humans had to be prolific in the beginning.  Ok you will learn not to get me started.  Lolol. 


Hi Bob,  You are most wise and I shall share just one story of what makes me a believer. I can't help myself.  I am not religious I am spiritual huge difference.  The most interesting miracle I ever witnessed and was part of was at the Homeless shelter.  I did a weekly get together.  After we were finished a gal comes charging into the room ."Chaplain don't leave".  I just smiled and asked her what she needed. "I am sick of all these voices in my head".  "Oh you're the one". Sometime earlier I Had a vision someone knocked on my chest I opened the door and Jesus was standing there.  He picked up a broom and swept out my house.  I asked if it was for me but no not this one.  So I took her over to sit down.  To this day I don't know if I told her Jesus would be there but I know for a fact I didn't tell her about the broom.  So we said a short prayer and I asked her who was there she said Jesus and what else do you see? A broom, we'll hand it to Him and He swept out her house.  She left.  One week later she is charging into the room again. This time she shares the voices are gone and she would like to know more about Jesus.  It always blows me away..  those 7 years were the best ever.  I had 6 different groups and I was a witness to a lot.  

ok so yesterday I was in ER most of the day.  Friday vomit all night long was exhausted and terrible cramps.  They took the ct scan n said colitis and said a lot of stool was seen.  So ER doc is all happy I am constipated and gives me MOM. My good surgeon was on call so lucky for me he will have more reasons to open me up.  I am very weary of being sick.

 On a happier note, I just got my bed frame for my Van conversion.  The hideaway seats are all pulled up now I have to find where to take them.  there are some BLM lands within an hour of where I live I would love to go and sit by the river, maybe get a fishing license.  After the snow n hopefully surgery I am going to the coast.  I am going to learn how to meander I really don't know how.  I am A type all the way.  So go down the Oregon coast and then go see my son n wife n kids in N California.  My cat loves the stroller I got for her n me.  She won't walk on a harness anymore so I got this for her.  She only fusses when I stop to talk to someone.  Ok done for now, this cramping is not fun n it looks like I am bleeding a bit.  Bye

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