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Seven days in one port as usual.


Hi, I'm not here to advertise any product. But since getting a melon-sized hernia and switching product lines, I find myself changing ports and bags every other or third day to now often seven days, and tomorrow will be my eighth on this one port. I do change bags out of convenience when severe pancaking occurs, and it's just a pain to rinse out, which I normally do to my bag (just a personal preference), but that is not often. I never could have believed that anyone could last 7 days without a major blowout, but I'm living proof. Is it the hernia curvatures or the product line? Please share your thoughts. I am purposely withholding product info for right now because I'm interested in your experiences rather than a product discussion just at first. Plenty of time for full disclosure soon.

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I usually change my bag every 4 days but have gone 7 days before without issues. 


I went 8 days last week.  When I changed I saw no seepage.  I use the Sensura Mio Click with a wafer.  I was home and didn't have to worry about a surprise blow out.  This week after 4 days I had a "feeling" that I should change.  I saw that oozing under the wafer had started.  If I had went to work I probably would have had a incident later that day.  Trust your feelings, especially if insurance is paying for supplies.  



I wish ... three days is my cycle and never been more. I do have some other products to test drive though .........


Lol ...and I thought from the subject that you were talking about a cruise being at port for 7 days !!!


I change bags every seven days. I am very lucky that I have had no problems.


Reply to Little Lulu

It took me 5 years and many blowouts before I found the right appliances.  Good for you!  We are a rarity.

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