Sticking Finger in Stoma - Curiosity or Caution?


I don't know... I'm sitting here looking at this hole in my abs and find myself really tempted to stick my finger in there to see what it feels like. Anybody done that? What does it feel like? There are times when my stoma itches, like when I eat very rough fibrous food... and I'm tempted at times to take my bag off and stick my finger in there to scratch it. I'm betting most physicians would say not to do that... but have you ever known a doctor to be fun?

So let me know who the adventurous are out there in Stoma-Land. But don't wait too long... the longer I keep staring at this girl, the more I want to stick something in her. No pun intended.



As Red Green used to say "Keep your stick on the ice"... but not for the whole game! Shout out to Mntnman, wherever you are!


Nope, it's never crossed my mind to do that. Of course, you kinda just painted a visual that won't go away now. &zwj

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No... crazy idea. It's the law... don't stick things in, just let them flow.


I think you're warped, and you might injure yourself.  I once had a doctor stick his pinky in and I thought I would go ballistic. 



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Henry... Why was a doctor sticking his pinky in there? Did he lose his keys? Digging for lint? Fetish maybe?


Oh come on now... do you guys want me to believe no one has ever done that? I don't see why it would hurt... the Doc stuck his finger up my ass many times... and while not a pleasurable feeling, that's because my sphincter always put up a good fight. But ol' Sphinky isn't around now to do that... so I would suspect it doesn't feel like much at all. Guess I'm going to have to show some frontiersman, pioneering effort and be the first 'Man on the Moon' here. The things I have to do for you guys...

Ok... I'll let you know how it goes.

Hmmmm... maybe I should make a video... for YouTube, of course.




How strange that you would pick today to ask that question. I just returned from an appointment with my surgeon, where he did just that. I was there to try to determine why I suddenly had a blockage after a year with no problems since getting my ileo. He wanted to check to make sure that the hole hadn't started to tighten or get smaller. It hadn't. My ostomy nurse also put her finger in there once a few months back and showed me how to do it, and I did. She said it was sometimes helpful if you were feeling like something was stuck. I am comfortable doing it, but hope I don't have any further need to. I do have a little piece of rubber tubing that I can stick into my stoma in case I have a blockage too. It's helpful to get comfortable with the process in case you need to.

BTW, when I had the colostomy, my doc could get two fingers in there, but now with my ileo, he can only get one in!



I never stuck my finger in my butt, so why my stoma? Just sayin'......

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I told him I'd swallowed a gold coin.  No, actually, I think that I was commenting that either my stoma was receding, or my newly acquired belly fat was surrounding it... It was a long time ago and I'm really not sure.  What I do remember is that it was very, very unpleasant, so Bob can self-torture if he wants to but i see a huge distinction between an anus and a stoma when it comes to fingers... or anything else. 

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It's actually not painful unless the doc is trying to dilate the stoma. That was painful!


My niece has an ileostomy and she does it to stop the flow when changing, I guess. Me, no. My colostomy looks too small to even get my pinky in.

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Yeah, bowel dilation can be a bitch. Way back when I was getting a colonoscopy like every other month, there was one time that I just couldn't find a ride. So I convinced my gastro to do it without putting me under. He and his staff were amazed I could do it. But THAT was pain! And the longest 15 minutes of my life. I think I bit through half a dozen bullet casings and a pair of 2x4's. But at least I know now why they knock your ass out... and it's for a VERY good reason. So I'm thinking a finger or two in my stoma should be a walk in the park! Wearing sneakers!



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I've had doctors put their pinky in, but I have never had any personal desire to do so. I don't think anything bad will happen if you do it, but ick, I personally will pass on this particular adventure.

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Hi there, Bagger friends. Well, Bob, don't think I ever contemplated that. Actually, I probably did once when I ate a store-bought apple, first and last time! I have an apple and a pear tree in my back garden in Ireland, and I discovered that I can eat those organic with no problem. Anyway, my belly was swelling bigger every day as if pulp had caused a traffic jam just inside. I was ready to put a catheter in there after trying a finger. Happily, I had to do neither. Suddenly, it was like a levee broke, my bag filled in seconds, then I just had to leave it hanging in the toilet bowl until the flood stopped. I was going to have the J Pouch removed (too much scar tissue to do it). They tried a baby-sized scope on my butt... you could have heard my screams two blocks away!! Chopped liver in there!!

The gastro said she could do it through the stoma and go down to the defunctioned J Pouch. I had no pain meds and didn't feel a thing. The actual intestine feels nothing if touched, in my experience. My finger can touch the stoma and my stoma feels nothing. I think the pain comes from muscles and tissue attached to the large or small intestine, as the intestine swells it puts pressure on surrounding tissue. Am I correct in saying that? I didn't feel the scope inside my stoma as she pushed it in. So, Bob, I would imagine that if there is no infection or tissue problems around the stoma, I think you should feel nothing at all. I have touched my stoma with my finger and felt no sensation of being touched, just felt it in my finger.

If I'm mistaken, please correct my flawed brain.


Are you bored?

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This kind of relates to what I was saying about people viewing stoma in a fetishistic way. This falls in the category of what our old Irish friend on here says.. "Holy flecking Jasus". You could do some damage playing around in there. Please refrain for your own preservation.

Now I must go comfort Stella since you deeply frightened her.


Early days, I was at the stoma nurse, and I asked if I had a loop or end as I didn't know anything in those days. She said, "Let's see," and slid her index finger up to the second knuckle into the secondary hole, which I didn't even know was there. I didn't feel a thing, but I almost fainted at the sight of it. "Yep, it's a loop," she said.

Morning glory

No, I never had the desire to do that, but my Dr. did it. It freaked me out.

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Sooo, is everybody having fun yet??

Just sayin'



Hello Bob.
The short answer to your question is YES!
I stick my finger in my stoma everyday – but, let us start at the beginning:
Very early on I had a blockage and visited the stoma nurse, who had no hesitation in sticking her finger in my stoma and subsequently releasing the blockage. There followed a discussion and ‘training’ session on how I could do this for myself if it ever happened again.
She also explained that by ‘feeling’ inside the stoma you can know exactly which direction to point the irrigation cone so that the water flows uninterrupted.
(I have respect and admiration for my stoma nurses who have always been extremely helpful)
After this session, I became curious and familiarised myself with this technique. The obvious thing to do is to use disposable latex or other gloves, but after a few blowouts and cleaning up the mess I soon felt that worrying about getting faeces on my finger was a tad illogical. However, it quickly became clear that I should make sure the finger I USED WAS PAINSTAKINGLY MANICURED AND SMOOTH. Having a fingernail snag on the stoma is not the most desirable situation.
That aside, when my parastomal hernia started blocking the hole, I began using an anal catheter device for my irrigation; In order to get the catheter past the hernia my finger provided the guide.
It also provided the guide for the stoma plug.
So, in a sense, I could claim that I put my finger in my stoma at least twice a day!
It never occurred to me that this might, in some way be a ‘fetish,’ as it was clearly a medical necessity for me to know exactly what I was doing and why I was doing it.
I realise that for some people, this procedure might seem ‘gross’. But then again, for some people, the whole concept of having a stoma may seem gross. I have long-since transcended those kind of thoughts and have come to consider the stoma as a purely functional part of my anatomy and ‘functionality’ is at the heart of whatever I do with it.
Feeling inside my stoma is part of getting to know it, and what I CAN AND CANNOT DO WITH IT SAFELY. If there was some way, other than sticking my finger in it, then I would gladly be willing to give it a go. At one time, I did contemplate purchasing a camera but they are too expensive and I can get access to that procedure by simply asking my doctor for a referral.
Note: I also stick my finger in my ears, my mouth, and yes! up my anus occasionally, mind you, I tend not to use the same finger for all these activities!
Best wishes

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Hi Bill,

I knew you'd join in the discussion eventually and have something interesting to say. I just figured you were looking for a verse you previously written and hadn't found it yet. But yes, it is a part of us now, so no need to fear it or be intimidated by it. I'm a little puzzled by everyone's lack of curiosity about it or willingness to experiment, but maybe they just put a lot more faith in the medical system than I do. I'm sure the "fetish" thing was a joke, but who knows... with a world full of wingnuts out there... it could be a sub-culture all its own and I'd never know it. Surprised no one has mentioned 'gerbils' yet. I'm changing my barrier in the morning, so I'll do some poking around in there then... and report back to everyone... if I survive.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it... and have a great Thursday to those who don't!



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Hello Bob.

I did look to see if I had written any rhymes to suit this topic but the only one that I could find to come anywhere near 'suitable' was about when a stoma plug sometimes comes adrift from the baseblate and it would seem difficult to extract.

A pair of artery forceps does the trick, but I have to be ultra careful not to cause any internal damage while poking around inside the stoma. In such cases, I figured a finger would only push the plug further in. It should be said that  dealing with these sorts of issues with a stoma is a damned site easier than dealing with similar issues from anal incontinence and plugs - where there is little chance of seeing what you are doing. 

The question reminds me of the ditty we used to sing in my schooldays : The Wookpecker song (sung to dixie).-- For a full version just Google 'The woodpecker song'. 

" I put my finger in a woodpeckers hole

the woodpecker said: "God bless my soul,

Take it out!

Take it out!

Remove it.!"

Anyway--- I hope you enjoy the rhyme below:

Best wishes



I think stoma plugs are great
but that’s because I irrigate.
They are a very useful tool
so I will use them as a rule.

Most of the time the stoma plug
will slide right in and fit quite snug.
then when it does it works quite well
to stem the flood and quell the smell.

Although they’re not a panacea
I think they are a great idea.
They’re not without their problems though
as in these verses I will show.

There were some things that troubled me
when I first plugged my Ostomy.
Because they took me by surprise
and meant I had to compromise.

There has been more than just one day
when plugs from wafers came away.
Then they got stuck way down inside
there their end just seem to hide.

At first I searched the stoma spout
to find a way to get it out.
No doubt it was a quandary
as to how I’d pull it free.

Then as I looked around my shed
I found a tool to use instead.
Some forceps made of stainless steel
transposed it into no big deal.

Now when it happens I’m not scared
for now I know I’m well prepared.
It’s just another job to me
to pluck those plugs from ostomy.

                                   B. Withers 2013


Ok, this is weird. I am always afraid I will slip and fall. Then my key stabs my stomach. I know I am weird.


Hi Da,

Nothing weird about something smacking my stoma... happens to me all the time. From my dog's paw when she jumps up on the bed (and on me) to tree branches and levers on my tractor. Not sure I see the connection to keys... but maybe you're talking about something other than car keys. It doesn't feel great when something smacks your stoma, as mine doesn't need much of a reason to bleed. Probably from all the topical steroids I use to keep my skin under control that thins the skin.

So maybe you are weird... can't really speak to that... but it's not because you're vigilant about not banging things into your stoma. It was never designed to be outside the body, hence it has no armor (protection). The more I think about stomas and such, the nuttier I think the idea is. I wonder who the guy was that said "Let's just cut the intestines before the bad stuff, and stick the end out someone's abdomen!" And who approved THAT?

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!!! And don't y'all forget to chew... and maybe install an oversized bag first thing this morning!!!



ron in mich

Hi Bob, yes I've done it but that was years ago when I got my first stoma and my GP told me to get some finger condoms from the drug store and every time I changed my wafer to put one on and put some Vaseline on it and insert it. I did that for about a month and quit, I guess it was to keep the stoma from closing up.


Or maybe he just wanted to see how long you'd do it! You never know the sense of humor on those doctor types!!!

Seriously, that's the first time I've heard that. Not sure if it makes sense though........thinking back to when I had to have balloon stretch something for a few minutes and then give it weeks to return to where it was at. Never understood that. That was to break up scar tissue, but left to its own it just reforms. So not sure if putting your finger in your stoma for a few minutes every couple of days would actually do anything. But it's an interesting thought if backed up by any real data.

Ok, so now there's three of us that have done it. I did it this morning........nothing really to report. Didn't hurt, but felt weird. Guess we normally never get to touch the middle of our bowels in real life. Can't really describe what it felt like because we describe things by relating them to things we're familiar with. This didn't feel like anything I can think of that's comparable. It's like when people ask me what it's like to poop through a stoma in a bag........just not a whole lot out there that's similar, so not much I can say to them that they can relate to. It's like that. But nothing to be feared.......just a circular saw!

Thanks for the reply Ron!



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I'm Canadian. No turkey. I'm talking about falling on my house key. Happy Thanksgiving


My doctor and ostomy nurse both said never stick anything in there. End of story. Mike

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One time I swallowed a quarter and two days later out came two dimes and a nickel. Weird.

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