Can pizza be enjoyed after colostomy surgery?

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Can you have pizza after having a colostomy?

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Hi :)

I think that depends on the person. What you can tolerate and how long since your surgery, etc. My ostomy nurse gave me a list of foods to avoid for a while.

I don't experiment with pretty much eat the same thing daily.

Someone else will come along to add to this. :)

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Hope so, I have it quite often. Might have pizza today with all these college football games on.

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Thanks, guys. I've recently just got home from the hospital. It's been a long road - over 3 weeks in the hospital. So, do you guys plan your meals?


Colostomy, yes, I can eat like before. Ileostomy, be careful some toppings may cause a blockage. Chew lots and take liquids.

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Nope. I eat pretty much whatever I want. I just try to avoid certain or minimize how much of certain things I eat. The things I avoid... corn/popcorn and nuts. Things I eat but not a lot of at any one time....things with "skin" (peppers, pickles, potatoes, heavy casing on sausage, etc), seeds (they just don't digest and linger in your bag until they finally get towards the opening and you can wipe them out). Two things that have helped me....drink a lot of water and I don't eat after 8:00 pm. The water part is obvious as to why and I've found that not eating late at night, I have very little output while sleeping.


Hi there, there is so much on the topic of diet on this site. If you click on 'premium content' you will find sections devoted to it. As someone with an colostomy (as I was) I could eat anything at all without any concern. Now as someone with an ileostomy, I can still eat pretty much anything, I just need to be careful to chew well and to keep really well hydrated. BUT, everyone is different, and you are only recently out of surgery and still healing. You usually need around six weeks to heal completely and until then I'd be careful. If you eat fibrous food, start with small amounts to see how well you tolerate it. Once you are healed, most colostomates can eat anything they want. Pizza itself is probably pretty safe, depending on what toppings you have. Enjoy!



Like it has been said, everyone is different and you have to try a small amount to see how you can tolerate it since you have recently gotten out of the hospital. And do drink lots of liquids. I have problems with eating a lot of carbs. It either binds you up or your output will be like pudding and will be hard to go down in your bag. Best wishes.

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OK, first off, only 3 weeks from surgery, and you're probably still on the "low-residue" diet to allow your gut to heal from the surgery. Give that a bit more time to heal overall, I'd say. After that, start introducing foods from a more normal diet, a little at a time, and not too many at once, and gradually over the next several months work your way back to a more normal diet that - yes! does include pizza. Eventually. Don't push it at first, and take your time, because doing it slowly will allow your system to accommodate to it a little at a time. Before you know it, you'll be wondering what the big deal was. You still might find a few things that are problem-causers (popcorn, for me), but overall, a pretty normal diet. And do chew, chew, chew! Good luck, and patience to you!

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Hi matter who you ask this question to, there is no right nor wrong is processed differently for us advice: try everything you want or like, just remember to chew, chew, chew. I have an ileostomy and I eat pizza, though I like thin crust ....enjoy and try in moderation.