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Painful irritated skin


I've had my stoma for about 10 months now. Over the months I have had some issues with skin irritation right at the edge of the stoma, but for the last month or so the skin at the bottom of the stoma has been extremely irritated and painful. Every time I change my pouch I put Neosporin on the area. When I empty my bag I clean it with soap and I add foaming Neosporin and rub it around the affected area. I have started changing my bag more frequently. Nothing seems to work and I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm wondering if a product like Marathon would be helpful. Curious if anybody else has dealt with this and found a working solution.


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The same happened to me . after researching , I found out it is caused by some kind of fungus . I used antifugus ( Jock itch ) powder spray . It worked for me , It takes about 3 - 6 weeks to see the effects. 


Are you getting output sitting on your skin? 


what does your stoma nurse/professional say?

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I think some. I have been trying to cut the hole as small as I can and pull it up snug right under my stoma to protect the area.

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What research led you to the conclusion that it was fungal?

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I googled the problem . Try this site :


Painful, irritated skin at the base of the stoma is a pretty common problem, and there are several ways to deal with it.  You don't mention whether you have a colostomy or an ileostomy, but irritated skin is more common with an ileo as your output is more caustic.  Cutting the hole to the right size is important, but it might not be enough.  There are products made specifically to combat irritated skin, barrier rings, and paste.  All the major ostomy manufacturers carry the barrier rings.  You put it around your stoma before applying your appliance, same with the paste.  It prevents output from getting onto your peristomal skin. I would not be using Neosporin on the skin around your stoma, as it will prevent your appliance from sticking properly and output will find it much easier to get on your skin.  You need very dry skin for the appliance to stick properly.  If your skin is already irritated, the appliance won't stick properly to that area either and there are products to combat that too.  Look into No Sting Skin Prep and Stoma powder.  You use the skin prep on the irritated area along with the stoma powder and it forms a dry barrier to let your appliance stick better.  You could try that first before buying the barrier rings.  That might be enough, as long as you have cut your hole well.  I don't know what appliance you are using but there are also some that have Ceramide infused into the flange that will help protect your skin.  I know Hollister and Coloplast both make one.  There is lots of info about this whole subject on this site, as it's been covered many times in the past.  Try clicking on Premium Content and I'm sure you will find a topic to read that will give you lots more helpful suggestions.  Good luck!


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Thanks for the reply. I have been looking into barrier rings and no sting skin prep today. I'm thinking I'm cutting the hole too big. I'm going to try cutting the hole tight and, for now, using the skin prep I have all around the stoma, which is going to be quite painful. I'll order some no sting and probably some barrier rings as well. Thank you.


Hi Terry covered the subject pretty well.


I too like Terry's reply.

If it turns out to be fungal - try althetes foot powder. it always works for me.

Best wishes


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Ask a Doctor for nystatin powder.  Works within a few days.


Hi, The only time my skin around my stoma was a bit red & angry my stoma nurse took a swab & rang me a few days later

to say it was caused by a fungus & told me to use canestan cream & it went within days! I use it at least once a week as a prevention

rather than cure.

Also a lady friend I know with an ileostomy swears by laying down after a shower or bath & taking the bag off & cleaning stoma then 

apply camomile lotion & let it dry completely then take it off after it's soaked in the skin then bag up again.

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I think 1 of the best things you can do is let your skin air out for awhile when you change your bag. I know it's almost impossible for some because of constant output but it sure seems to help my skin. I take my bag off and clean the skin, go lay down for 15 minutes or so, shave my stomach hairs, wipe the area off again, go lay down for another 15 minutes or so, and then I apply powder if need be and wipe the area with a barrier wipe, then apply my barrier ring and bag. 


I recently changed to Hollister convexed ceraplus Urostomy bags from Coloplast convexed which leaked most days! 
even bending down to pick your keys up you dropped or shoe laces they were a nightmare bag tbh, these Holister bags

have never leaked since I've used them with the Coloplast bra a tape extenders or bingo wings I call them.

The fungi thing is caused by a yeast infection my stoma nurse told me abit like a lot of women get down below in the under carriage department?


I took Terry's advice and quit using the Neosporin. I put the skin prep I already had directly on the affected area as well as all around the base of my stoma. I cut the hole so it fit really tight right up against the stoma. Immediately everything got better. It's been a little over a week with a couple of bag changes and the irritation at the bottom of my stoma is completely gone. I think Neosporin was the culprit as far as making the irritation worse, obviously coupled with the fact that I was cutting the hole too big to begin with. Just today I got in some coloplast barrier ring samples and they also sent me some brava skin cleanser, both of which I have yet to try.

Thank you very much to everyone who has responded.


Good to hear. 👍



im 12 months in we are about at the same place! But I found that I now use this! I spray it in a cotton bandage and just hit right on the areas that need it. Otherwise it can interfere with your appliance sticking! IT has made a huge difference for me!

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Yeah, I guess I need to find out if it's fungal or not. I'm 3 hours away from my surgeon so I don't go in unless I really need to. I did try those brava wipes from coloplast. The guy at coloplast told me I could wipe the area and then put skin prep right on top after it had dried. I did this and it REALLY burned. Not sure if I'll be using those again. 😆

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This has caused me some discomfort and irritation at times, getting the right size barrier cut, dry in position perfectly helped. Could be a different brand/model of appliance may seal better for your stoma location. I wear Hollister with the belt loops, It couldn’t last a few days without a belt; uncomfortable but I got used to it

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I use a ConvaTec pouch with a tape collar. I've had really good luck with adhesion, I think I just got lazy when cutting the hole. I cut the whole too large for quite a few months without any problems. Apparently those days are over.

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Sounds like my route minus the shave! I blow dry my hair and do my makeup🤷🏼‍♀️ .... put hot water on, then I lay down to do my prep work! I thought I was the only one who did that. I cannot stand to do it, I prefer using the adjustable bed back I have puts me in the perfect position!

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I'm glad you don't have to shave your stomach. 😁 


Try using compound tincture of benzoin for skin irritation. 

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Hi i am still new to this thing have had a stoma for about 2 years now so forgive me but I have had horrible skin issues and now I'm much better

What really helped me with irriation was Get Domeboro Solution – it is over the counter and is a powder. You mix it into water per the instructions. When you change you pouch, soak the area with Domeboro-moist cloths/dressings/etc. This would work best if you could soak for ~10 minutes.

also if you have a fungal problem pick up an antifungal lotion or cream – NOT an ointment. A lotion or cream will soak in an not interfere with adhesion – an ointment is based in Vaseline

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