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Ostomy System not working anymore?


I have used the same products (Convatec) for 27 years with no problems. I've been able to get 5-7 days between changes. For the last 3 years, my products just haven't worked as well as they always have. I can remember going to the beach, traveling on planes, boats, etc. and never having to worry about leakage or less wear time. My weight and diet have changed very little. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?

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Hello vollovr.

Yes! I got so fed up with trying to resolve this problem, I started making my own baseplates, which I've been successfully using for about 4-5yrs. Unfortunately, I have been sticking them  with Hollister 7730 medical adhesive which, I have recently been told is being withdrawn. Such is life! when we have to rely on people who want to make money rather than help resolve problems. I did ask Hollister if they would send me the recipe - but predicatably there was no chance of that.  I expect there will be a solution out there somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it or inventing one's own solutions. 

Best wishes



Hi Vollovr yes i have the same problem, i use the stomahesive wafer and they are so thin now that they just dont last like they used to. i used to change my set up every fourth day now its every third day.


Hi Ron,thanks for your reply. Now I know it isn't just me. I use the Durahesive wafer and they too are thiner than in previous years. I couldn't understand why after using exact same products for many years that they became problematic in more ways than one. I'm guessing there isn't anything we can do about it just like everything else these days that's forced on us.  I have learned from calling or emailing companies such as banks,stores,cable companies, phone companies,ect and all they can offer is "sorry". I'm thankful for the good years I've had since my ileostomy surgery in 1984 but I hate the direction everything is going now. Rhonda 

Reply to Bill

Hi Bill, Thanks for your reply. I suspected other people were having same problems. It seems quality is obsolete these days and customer service is non existent. I'm glad to hear your optimism but I don't have much confidence that the products will improve as companies try to cut back on quality of materials and really just don't give a _ _ _ _,just like everything else today. Let me know if you come up with a satisfactory solution. Rhonda 


So have you sent in requests for samples from other companies? Might be time to take your business elsewhere, if you can find something you like.


Hi Vollovr,  It is disheartening but not surprising to hear this is happening, with the way things are these days.  Products are not made to last anymore, in fact the opposite is true.  I don't know when you, and others, started to experience this change, but just for the record, when I got my colostomy just over two years ago, I started using Coloplast products and I found I was getting pretty good wear time, 4-5 days, but honestly I wasn't testing it beyond that point, too nervous about leaks.  Then I got an ileostomy just over one year ago, and the wear time I was getting with the Coloplast was terrible, 2 days tops.  I switched to Hollister and thing improved a lot, but I still had to try a few different appliances before I found one that really works for me.  It's the one piece, #8958 is the product code, and I only need to change every 6 days, in fact I've pushed it to once a week a couple of times and I was fine.  I do warm the flange with my hair dryer before appyling and hold it firmly in place for a good 90 seconds.  Maybe worth a try.  There are so many different products out there now, and as much as it's a pain in the #%! to have to look for a new system after so long, it might just be worth it.  Good luck!


p.s.  I would also be complaining to the company.  If nobody does, nothing will change.


Same here. lately, I have started taping all 4 sides around the flange with 3M Tegaderm skin tape to help stabilize it. Have to use adhesive remover to get it off but it has been a miracle. I am back to 6 days between changes and could go longer. As I became more active is when my problems started. Good Luck!

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