Concerns about 50 Shades of Green output?


50 Shades of Green

Is there a "standard color chart" for loop ileostomy output? I know there are guidelines for "quantity amounts" but haven't really read or heard about technicolors.

I have had my ileostomy for 1 year and 1/2 now and have had every shade of the rainbow without concern - as it's usually directly related to what I have eaten.

Lately though with some stomach issues I have had (namely mild pain) my output has been 50 shades of green only. So for my experienced ileostomate friends.....should I be concerned?

Wowie... I've  had my ileostomy since 1964 and I've never experienced anything such as that.  So I can at least venture that it is unusual, but pinning a possible cause to it is beyond my ability.  Sorry.

No help from me, I thought this was about a new movie. Good luck, hope it's nothing serious.

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I drink veggie greens (powder). I have green output.

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Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister
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Lol 50 Shades of Alex!!!

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I don't have a room like that (not that I would want a room like that) or that much money. Hopefully you've watched the movie or this will be the dumbest post you've ever read.


For me, it doesn't happen often except in the early days. Usually, green means I had been eating something that passes through quickly and is reasonably empty. The green is usually the bile with nothing better to do. I saw it mainly in the morning.

But of course, there may be another reason.


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I may be old but I am not the books

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I prefer the visuals.

Pardon me, but what is "loop ileostomy output"?

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Same as an ileostomy but has a "sidekick" provided by a caring surgeon in anticipation of reconnecting (reversal) someday.

Output is only from the main stoma ....

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I posted a visual (in photos) just for you as requested!

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Hot damn, be right back.......... Not what I was hoping to see.

My preference would be a little thicker legs and no dandelion hairdo.

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Hmmm, OK


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Oh, I've watched all three and read all the books too lol!!!

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Way more experience than me.

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Most men do.

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Remember, we're just walking around dragging our knuckles trying to figure out how to attract a woman. We need all the simple visuals to know what's going on. Heck, sometimes I have to get my crayons out and draw pictures to understand what's going on, or I have to take my socks/shoes off to count past ten. We're a simple-minded creature.

I've had my ileostomy for 5½ years (not a loop ileostomy though) because of my CVS and GI issues from my EDS (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos). My output is green a lot of the time, and I also get pain (but I've been seen and treated by my specialist as it's not usual to have green output and pain most of the time like I have). If you are worried or the pain increases/continues for longer, then please see a doctor just to get checked over. Otherwise, like said earlier on, the green is probably bile due to lack of food/food going through quickly if you have a stomach bug. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

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Thanks for your reply...things are back to almost normal now...think it may have been a stomach bug...feels like trapped gas on occasion now..may be just that - food choices aren't always the best....thx

Hi... I'm Marsha, and I've had my ileostomy for over 55 years..(didn't have a "loop" but dr. retained the rectal case of a possible reversal in the future. no second stoma...just drainage through the rectum) 4 years later, at 19 I opted to have the rectal stump removed because it never healed - from Ulcerative colitis) So my ileostomy became "permanent". Never had much of a problem throughout the years.... output varied, from somewhat liquid, to somewhat "firm, depending on what I ate, and hydration.. And I was able to eat just about everything, with the exception of some raw veggies (celery, carrots, cabbage). That changed over the years, and high fiber foods started to become more difficult to digest. It was about three years ago, that I began having ongoing issues with profuse "runs" and a change of color....from clear yellow, to various shades of green. I've been hospitalized several times for dehydration, and the stool sample was tested each time for infection... Came back negative.. Finally went back to my "gastro" dr.. and he diagnosed "it" immediately.. (?) The "runs" is a form of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), but because I don't have a large intestine, I don't produce some needed enzymes to fully digest some foods.. He suggested the "F.O.D.M.A.P." diet (each letter of the name stands for an element) look it up.. He said that because of the missing digestive enzymes....the body collects water....emits lots of gas, and then spews the "watery waste" out through the stoma.. It seems without the (those are the basic symptoms of anyone with IBS) It seems that the target foods are those high in artificial sugars....and lemon, lime, garlic, onion, tomatoes, many vegetables....soft cheeses.... It's really mind-boggling, and somewhat depressing. But I did the reading and the research.... It's trial and error... and just because you can eat something one time, doesn't mean you can always eat it. So I have my basic food list, protein, bread, carbs, and each day I ' "try" or add a test item... sometimes, it's spaghetti sauce, or ice cream... I can cook with onion garlic, but can't "eat the actual item. But sometimes I do.....with no reaction, and other times... the output becomes liquid...and a lovely shade of green.. sometimes it lasts a few hours, and other times a few days... I was also told that the color (and smell) could be "bile", since food is just running through the body. If you're not getting the runs.....that's a good thing. Dehydration is more dangerous than "the color" of the output.. But for all the ostomates out there..... this is the most up-to-date info and diagnosis I've gotten after quite a few years of symptoms.. I hope it answers some of your questions... Best of luck, Marsha

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Thanks for your input on is so difficult to figure out just what does and doesn't work...the pain I was experiencing has finally subsided...the more I read the more I learn. I feel the follow-up surgeon who I only saw 2 times after my surgery (not the one who did the surgery) really didn't give me much info. I had emergency surgery in Wisconsin then came home to Florida for follow-up. The Florida surgeon said I should take Miralax or some type of fiber every day. I started taking psyllium fiber on a regular basis. Just the other day I read the label on the fiber I was taking and it said if you have stomach pain you should stop taking it and see your doc. Well, duh, could this be my problem? I stopped taking the psyllium powder a couple days ago and have not had the pain since. I am guessing if my bag isn't full of air then my stomach is and vice versa...time and observation will tell....thanks again for your input...

Hi, I hope you found the "FODMAP" information helpful. It came from my gastro doctor, who I didn't think to visit when all the green poo and gas started. In my 50+ years with an ileostomy, I've found that "surgeons" know very little about "management" issues or ongoing gastric concerns. And unless he/she is well-trained in gastro, a general practitioner knows very little as well. The combined experiences of those with ostomies are often the most helpful. I wasn't originally concerned about "green" output because it often happened when I ate asparagus or other "green" foods. But the clear green or yellow liquid that smelled like bile, along with profuse (LOUD) gas emissions, really freaked me out. My pouch would fill with liquid or with gas, or both, within an hour. I found I couldn't sleep, and it was difficult being out. The gastro doctor identified the condition (a form of IBS complicated by the lack of digestive enzymes due to no colon) and made it easier for me to control the situation. At least it gave me somewhat of an understanding of what had changed and how I could manage it. For me, this seemed to be a well-kept secret, so I hope others read this and do the research about "FODMAP". Over time/week, I eat almost everything, just not all at the same time. I had to identify the foods that were the biggest problem and try to avoid them. And then, if I indulge a bit, I expect the gas or the runs or the change of color. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Marsha

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Hi Marsh

Try VSL#3. I take it. If I didn't, I would have all kinds of issues. It pretty much keeps my bowels balanced. Doctors are even using it with UC. It keeps the surgeons at bay.
Take care, Sharon

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