Securing Velcro closure on Hollister pouch - Need advice!

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Hi all, I made a mistake yesterday that I hope never to repeat. I was sitting at my computer for some time, aware as time went by that my pouch was becoming quite full, but unconcerned as, after all, I was at home and the bathroom was right across the hall from me. I finally got up to head to the bathroom. I untucked my pouch, just to support it a little on the way, not wanting to put undue strain on the adhesive with a full pouch, only to discover to my horror that the Velcro opening was not properly secured and, needless to say, the result was a big mess. Yuck!! Now I am obsessively checking the Velcro closure (it's a Hollister) and want to make sure that never happens again. I remember reading somewhere about a 'clip' or something of that nature, that I think attaches to the closure to make sure it's secure. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And who makes it?

Lesson learned I hope. I've noticed with some of those pouches, like anything that comes off an assembly line I guess, the Velcro top and bottom are not as perfectly lined up and you need to really stretch them to get a good seal.



I somehow had the Velcro stick to my shorts and pull open. No mess as my bag was fresh, but it taught me to check it regularly. Since I've been back to work, I'm pretty impressed with how durable these bags are.

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Hi Terry,

Found this...don't know if it is helpful or not.

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Hi Delgrl, oh yeah... been there done that!! When you squeeze the Velcro, keep squeezing until you feel the "lock" sort of clicking and locking in place. I give it a little pull to make sure. The Velcro will definitely sometimes stick to shorts or t-shirt. To feel totally secure, I always run a little strip of Micropore tape over the Velcro once it's locked in, especially if I'm swimming or riding my bike.

Don't know if you saw it but I really made the mother of all mistakes. Bleary-eyed, 2 am, had to change. Half asleep, I took the old one off, got all four sides secured with a strip of Micropore 2-inch tape on the four sides. Fell back into bed and out like a light. Morning comes, still bleary-eyed, I go for a shower, throwing all my clothes in the hamper. The bag felt fine until I stepped into the shower. Just as I reached to turn it on, the bag just goes plop onto the floor of the shower. It was half full of smelly shite!! So I got really lucky. No damage, no big mess... dodged a bullet. What had I done to deserve this self-inflicted near disaster? I use the Hollister Convex and I had neglected to remove the protective square of plastic covering the sticky back. Surface tension held it on to some degree but the four strips of 2-inch Micropore Surgical tape around the wafer is what saved me, the tape held it until five minutes after standing up.

Tape the sides and the Velcro closure and you will never worry about it again!!



I use the Holstier bags that you get plastic clips with to close the ends with.

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I just plain forgot to close the Velcro opening once in the first few weeks after my original op, .... Jeez Louise


My Hollister comes with a neat plastic clip, no velcro.  The clip has never failed me.  When I first had the surgery, in 1964, I had to use a girl's barrette to close the rubbery bag off.  Ostomy appliances have sure improved. 

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Taping the sides sounds like a great idea, thanks Eamon!

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Thanks, Sally!

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Thanks Lovely. When I was a new ostomate, I remember trying those pouches with the clip to go on the end. I wasn't a fan, found them difficult and messy to empty and clean. You and Henry must have better dexterity than me!


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Bet you haven't forgotten since!!

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Aw, the barrette sounds so cute!


This does happen... when my kids were toddlers... my life was super hectic, always in a hurry. That day, we were on our way to the post office... I put on a fresh bag and a mid-knee black summer dress... and while putting both kids in their car seats... I felt something wet going down my leg... checked my bag and no clip! And poop running down my leg! Maybe this is our equivalent to not wiping after going to the bathroom.

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OMG, were you parked in your garage, or out on the street? I realize how lucky I was to be in my house when it happened.


We were still in the driveway... luckily.

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I agree, I don't like the clips.

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All the manufacturers ship our pouches to us with emptying devices wide open, the way they must come off the assembly line. Come on, I'm brain dead and consider myself lucky to get a pouch on perfectly. And you expect me to remember to close the darn thing? Really.....

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Closing the bag is the first thing I do when getting ready to change bags. 1) Close bag 2) Cut to the right size 3) Lay out what I need...remover wipes, powder, wet washcloth, electric shaver, etc. 4) Take bag off 5) Clean area 6) Shave area 7) Let area dry thoroughly and then apply new bag.

Sandy ‘n' Hetty

I wouldn't be surprised if we have all done something like that at some point. I was lounging on my bed one afternoon and suddenly smelled poo, and yep, I had forgotten to close the bottom. As luck would have it, I caught it before anything had found its way out. That mistake I will never make again.


Everyone has different needs and wants, but personally, I never trusted a folding Velcro closure! I've always used a flexible/drainable pouch with a clip because I can't tolerate that inflexible end as it doesn't allow the pouch to empty completely. I prefer to stick to what I know and what I'm used to. But, everyone is unique in their preferences, this is just mine! I use Convatec products. They have two kinds of clips. I prefer the older, smaller clip. (Thankfully... not one clip failure in 35 years!)

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