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Hi everyone! I am almost 10 weeks out from my ileostomy and haven't had a burger and fries yet!!! Is it safe to eat these?!?! #Starving!! Lol

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Here's my most complex answer:  YES!!


Addendum:  Chew it up real good.  Don't overdo on the fries.  I find that potatoes in most every guise thickens me up, but not so much that it keeps me from eating them.  Enjoy.


Good question! Get my permanent ileostomy in 5 days!

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Good Luck 🍀 

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Same with potatoes. 🥔🍟 Definitely thicken things up. 


I would be cautious if your burger has tomato, lettuce, or relish on it.  Make sure you chew really well, and wash it down with lots of fluids.  Enjoy!


Hell Yes!

About the same time after ileo surgery that's exactly the food I craved too!  Or to be precise, a double bacon and cheeseburger, fries AND a serve of onion rings washed down with a chocolate thickshake! 

Congratulations on getting your appetite back, that's one of the best feelings ever. 

Bon appetit! 

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Thank you !!

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Best of luck to you 



I had exactly that last night for dinner ..


Hi Miss when i had resection surgery a few years ago i had my wife to get a kids meal burger and fries from BK and boy did that hit the spot, but like others said chew real well and drink alot with it.

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I have an ileolstomy since 2012 - 04 - 20, and I eat everything, however due to problems with my teeth (due to 6 molnths of radiation) I use cashews etc. in a smoolthie in a blender.
The key is tol drink lolts olf fluids (mostly water), never have had dehydratioln issues, even tholugh several medicines (diabetes, blooldpresure) dol cause dehydration.
I gave up being a paid member, so I can only comment. You can message me if you like.

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I stopped on the way home from having my illeostomy done,(about a month after receiving this monster)best burger I ever had!

Double cheeseburger and fries @McDonalds! Haven't been in McDonalds since!


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