Comfizz Garments: Effective for Hernia Prevention and Ileostomy Support?


Does anyone use Comfizz garments for hernia prevention and ileostomy support? If so, are they effective?

Meadow Snow

I'd like to know the answer to this as well, my stoma is still new and hopefully soon my stoma nurse will clear me for using a stoma belt. There are a few from Comfizz (lol autocorrect thought I was trying to type Cow Fizz!) that I've been looking at ordering.

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I have the stoma protector from Comfizz and I like it. It provides great protection from seatbelts, children playing, and dogs jumping up on me. Comfishield, it's called.

I haven't yet gotten any underwear from them, but it's on my list of things to try out.

Just my opinion, but stay away from Pouchwear and Ostomy Bag Holder. They are the same company and have terrible customer service and false advertising.

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I was thinking of getting a shield. Do you know if you can wear the Comfishield with the Nu-Hope belt?

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I believe you can, I should have my new Hope belt soon and will be able to give a better answer. The design is a large Velcro pad that the protector attaches to. I've been able to wear it with my vertical pouch belt with no issues, no Velcro touches your skin.

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Thanks, keep me updated.

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I've been told the order is in and so far no pushback from my insurance, hopefully I get my belt in the next week or so. So I should have an answer soon.

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