Seeking CBD Info for Ostomy Relief - Any Links or Experiences?

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Hello everyone, I'm inquiring about THC/CBD intake while having an ostomy. I have had some bad days where I get very nauseous and in pain for some time, but the doctors do not know why. Because I'm a smoker, they automatically blame the weed smoking, but I believe it was because of other reasons. Is there any official site or information anyone has that I can show my grandmother about CBD not having adverse effects? I believe the doctors are just pointing out that because they have no other explanation, but I believe smoking helps me a lot with my nausea and ostomy problems. Please, if anyone has any links or experience, it would be much appreciated!


Yes, just like the old docs to blame it on weed. In my experience, most stomach issues, for me, are food/drink and unwanted/unneeded medications prescribed every time I go to a doc. My entire life, I was medication-free until my ileostomy and subsequent heart attack. My husband and I sorted through a bag full of pills upon my release from the hospital, trying to figure out what to take and at what time. It was mind-boggling! I pushed them all aside and went to bed. Over the next year, I made the decision once again to not take medications. The docs do not even care to listen to what you have to say about how they affect you - at least that has been my experience. I do realize some meds are necessary for some folks - just not for me. The good news is I am pushing 80 now, whereas I used to be dragging 75, so I have acquired a more "it is what it is" attitude these days. I hope you can find the answers you need - wishing you the best!

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ron in mich

Hi Shane, before I had resection surgery in 2018 for Crohn's, causing scar tissue build-up in and around my stoma, I had what you describe, especially after eating.


Hi Shane, it sounds like your doctors have some prejudice against cannabis, and no real knowledge! I have never heard of cannabis having any negative effect on ostomates. I use CBD sometimes for sleep and have noticed zero negative effect on my ostomy. I know we have members here who are regular users of THC/CBD and they have not reported anything like what you are describing. I agree that your doctors are probably pointing at the cannabis for lack of a better diagnosis. If it is helping with your nausea, that's good, but I hope you can find out what is causing it. What Ron said makes sense, so maybe ask them about that? Good luck!



Hi Shane, I've had an ileostomy for just over a year. I still feel nausea once a week - it's sometimes due to what I have drunk/eaten.

The doctor in the UK prescribed 1 tablet of Cyclizine just before eating, which kills the nausea. I tend to have Cyclizine just before I have any dairy - my system is still getting used to dairy products.

CBD: I had sleep issues after the ileostomy operation and the doctors wanted to prescribe anti-depression tablets, which I refused as I knew that would take me on the wrong path. I tried CBD, which worked perfectly for sleep (6-7 hours of sleep).

I would recommend a reputable CBD company, as there are lots of fake CBD products in the market. Start with a low dose and if it doesn't work, increase gradually.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Newbie Dana

I have not personally used CBD oil because I have read too much about the inconsistent strength of CBD products - tested products have ranged from 15 to over 400 of the strength claimed on the package. Until there is more manufacturing oversight, I just don't trust it to be what they claim it is. Having said that, if you can find a reputable company with some good third-party testing results, I have absolutely no doubt it would be helpful for pain and nausea you may be experiencing. My niece uses it in a form she can vape, and it is the only thing she has managed to find to control her crippling back pain that she has suffered for years.


Hello Shane, I am an old hippie gal and think you are right on about use. Not sure what your pain is and think you should keep investigating that. Cannabis is good for mild to moderate pain, some nausea relief. I would say magnesium for cramping.


I hear you, dealing with health issues can be incredibly frustrating, especially when doctors seem to point fingers without providing concrete explanations. It's important to advocate for yourself and explore all possible avenues for relief.
In terms of alternatives to smoking, have you heard what is HHC Gummies ( )? They're gaining attention for their potential to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation without the need for inhalation. It might be worth exploring as a potential option for managing your symptoms. 

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Drugs like weed do cause multiple psychological and bodily issues especially when dealing with diseases. Deug users always will allow their addictions to take over thoughts and misguide them.. Common knowledge. Stop the drug usage and you will improve much more rapidly.  

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