Useful Travel Cards for Summer Adventures!


Ahhh, summer is almost here. Time to have some fun. Anyone have any travel plans?

Here are a couple of travel cards that might come in handy.

Printable Traveller's Communication Card:

Printable Ostomy Travel Certificate in multiple languages:

Meadow Snow

These look useful, thankfully Coloplast already sent me one without my needing to ask them.

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Lucky you!


I have traveled many times since my colostomy, never luckily needed those cards though I am sure they could be very useful at times. When departing, my people have been very understanding. All I tell them is that I have had an operation and they let me pass. Actually, there are better chances of something unpleasant happening here than a lot of other places, and the checking procedures are very stringent. In international airports, only once was I taken to a room for an inspection. I think my mustache had something to do with that, but seriously there are other things to observe before boarding that aircraft. What you eat is very important, the less the better, and alcohol can increase output so stay away. Bon voyage.


I'm dreaming of warmer places, but alas, no travel plans. How about you, Sally?

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Fingers crossed, I make it to North Carolina this year.

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