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Ileostomy output color


Hello All,

In March of 2022 I had surgery for rectal cancer and I currently have a temporary ileostomy. Today, for the first time I drank cranberry cocktail juice. I have noticed that my output is really dark. Has anyone else experienced this from drinking cranberry juice? I have left a message for my doctor as well. 

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Certain foods will change the color. The 1st time I had red Gatorade it scared me at 1st . JUST make sure theres no blood in your output.For the most part its normal for it to be yellow to green depending on what you eat and how much fat.Just like how green fruit loops make a kids 💩 green same with things we drink and eat we just notice it more now then before.


Hello!  I had mine in December 2021.  Same, certain food and drink will change it a bit and not just due to color but type of food.  Sugary or loaded carb meals will be different and in consistency then others.  I have heard from long timey ostomy goes that eventually your intestines will adjust and sounds won't be as drastic as first.  Will have to wait and see.!  Right now mine sounds like the Predator Alien from when gurgling.....hahaha!

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Thank you, that helped.

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Thank you!


Beetroot is another good one ..


Hello! I went through the same exact process—temporary ileostomy as part of rectal cancer treatment—and my experience was that ileostomy output color was _heavily_ correlated with the food you ate. My understanding was that since your GI system has less time to process that food, the output ends up looking a lot more like the input!


MS18 yes ma'am for me it was a cherry red slush output was blood red for hours....remember we are truly what we eat....

Happy Friday girl


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