Advice for Ileostomy Runners: Hydration, Bag, and Tips?


Hello. I am still getting used to my stoma and have started running again. Slowly.

And was wondering what your setup was like? Hydration, what bag? Any tips or advice?

All being well, I hope to do a long distance at some point later in the year.




Hiya Eddie.  I've aged out of it now, but I spent most of my middle years running with my ileostomy, got up to about 25 mi. a week at one point in the Eighties.  I never had to take any special precautions, never wore any kind of support belt, just underwear.  Ran two 10Ks in my early seventies.  I'm sure that I could run now if I made the extra effort, but I'm satisfied with walking.  Good luck.  HenryM

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Hey Henry. I am probably overthinking things. I went for my first run today with just a hernia support belt which made me feel more secure and it went well!


Hello Ostoed.

I, like Henry, used to run but age and a severe heart attack followed by a triple bypass put paid to that. I still walk and cycle and have never had any problems regarding the stoma. 

As with any exercise,  the wise will take their time and build up to their peak, rather than overdoing it at the beginning. 

Best of luck



I wish I could say I too was a runner, but not so. Good advice from runners though - take care! JB

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LOL, I only run now if a bear is chasing me.

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All your neighbors are glad you wore underwear.


Eddie: I have started to run again, well a little. I had my ostomy surgery last November. So far, just short distances, like 2 or 3 miles, and I use a support belt. My biggest concern on longer runs would be hydration. I last ran a marathon in 2018. That was pre-ostomy, however. Don't know if I'll get there again.

I could be wrong, but I believe the Stealth Belt originated for a young marathoner who had an ostomy and wanted to continue running.


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I have a stealth belt on right now. Quality product and works well.

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Maybe a new fitness trend. Bear running.

"I can't run?"

"I can help you....release the bears!"


"I lost nearly a stone with the new bear running program! I also lost my friend Steve..."

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A sport where you don't have to be the fastest to win, you just can't be the slowest.

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So true. I would definitely be the bear's dinner.


Welcome Eddie.

I just had to read your post. I was very curious as to what an 'ileostomy runner' is. LOL Thought it was a new device of some sort.

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You know that is exactly the wrong thing to do, right?!!?

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Not if you're faster than anyone you're running with.

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Stealth Belt for sure for bag security and comfort, no chafing of bag rubbing against skin. I do not run, but I do work out with weights and Zumba. Baby steps. Just keep electrolytes in check. Glad you are not letting your stoma stop you from getting back to life.

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