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Seal at bottom of bag keeps leaking

Wed Jun 15, 2022 6:06 am
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why does the velcro seal at the bottom of my bag keeping leaking?  I seal it properly and clean it well but have to change bag almost every day

Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:16 am

Velcro has it's limitations.  That's why I prefer Hollister's clip, which has never failed me.

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Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:30 am

I wear a coloplast sensura mio convex pouch w Velcro closurure. I rinse it w very warm water to clean it as well as I can and use hair dryer. Some say don't rinse but I've never had any problems. The Velcro is fine/good. Change bag twice weekly. 
I'd suggest talking w rep.

Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:37 am

You have to clean the Velcro part of your bag? I’ve never had to do that. 🤔

Wed Jun 15, 2022 9:35 am

I use Coloplast sensura mio convex pouch with velcro closure for over 2 years now and have not had that issue. 🤞

Wed Jun 15, 2022 3:27 pm

You don't say what brand you are using, but I can vouch for Hollister.   The only time I had a problem is when I was careless about sealing the velcro firmly.  You really do have to make sure the 'teeth' are really sealed together.


Wed Jun 15, 2022 6:11 pm

I find that with my Hollister the Velcro sometimes comes Off , detatched from the plastic . But rarely . 

   When closing the Velcro you have to squeeze along it's length methodically until you feel it click together . You should feel it click in . I have often had it come apart and leak , once in the security line at an airoort !!! Ever since that I put a strip of tape over the closure , just in case , now I don't worry at all . Double over the ends of the tape for easy opening and resealing . 

    I have also had the Clip break several times  so nothing is perfect  I guess !!   The piece of tape will save yiur butt  ...literally !! I use Micropore Surgical Tape , it will not come off in water or soap , sea etc , great stuff , I always have a 2 inch roll with me .   Good luck !! 

Magoo ☘👍

Wed Jun 15, 2022 7:19 pm

Hi Jar , I have to say it .....How did the Seal  get into your Baggie ??  LOL ...I know , I know !!  I'll shut up now 🤡☘

Wed Jun 15, 2022 9:54 pm

Try putting a little piece of toilet paper inside the bag..this happens with my bags..if I put M9 in it or it has liquid poop.

Wed Jun 15, 2022 10:36 pm

I use Hollister's clip it has always worked for me.

Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:34 am

I use the Hollister 8531 and I clean the drain with baby wipes, disposing of them in a ziplock bag. then fold and lock the velcro.
It is possible to mis-align and get no lock. I always gently tug to ensure a lock has occurred.
Usually the locking action can be felt.

Fri Jun 17, 2022 3:50 pm

That's it Skee . The final test after closing the Velcro.... just gently tug on the flap and make sure the Velcro Hooks are tight and it's Locked in place ...Magoo.

Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:44 am

I’ve used Coloplast sensura mio convex pouch for the past 5 years.  The Velcro has only ever opened  when it’s collected a lot of fluff and cotton  thread.  Its rare that Velcro needs cleaning. 

One night in my sleep I opened my bag to burp it, woke up with my hands there and thought how lucky was I that I had no leakage. 

I change my bag every 3 days.  

Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:08 pm

Just one more . You should check your new unused bags  . Try the Velcro by squeezing the Velcro strips together and see if they lock properly right out of the box . You should be able to hear a sort of Click , you can feel the Velcro Hooks locking .  If the new unused one does not lock then t is probably defective . 

    The nasty stuff should not really get on the Velcro as Alex said ?!  Have some toilet paper ready around the bag opening  and just let the Bag hang so the stuff pours out  freely . Someone mentioned that Fluff can get stuck in the Teeth / Hooks of the Velcro . I've seen this myself  so try the Velcro n the  new bags where there is no chance of Fluff blocking the Hooks on the Velcro  to check for defective Velcro. It might seem to be locked so just tug it to check  and make sure .

   Hope you got it working properly . ☘👍

Sat Jul 09, 2022 6:28 pm

AlexT wrote:

You have to clean the Velcro part of your bag? I’ve never had to do that. 🤔

I don't clean the Velcro but the pouch. When I rinse bag the Velcro gets wet. I use a hairdryer and haven't had any problems.

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