Does alcohol affect ileostomy bag longevity?


Hi, new poster. Searching for a reason. My bag changes were about five days until recently. Now I am able to get only 3 maybe 4 days. Two questions. First, I enjoy one can of beer on occasion; does the alcohol break down the pectin faster?

Second, the Hollister bags recently became more flexible. Could that cause a more frequent bag change? I like the flexibility but would like longer change times.
Thanks for letting an older guy entertain you.


I doubt one beer is going to hurt you or your setup. The Hollister bag being more flexible may cause less time if it affects the adhesion to your skin because it's moving a tad bit.


Hello Ostotim.

Thanks for your questions;

I too have no idea about the effects of alcohol on bag wear and I agree with AlexT about a possible reason for less wear time. However, there are many more possibilities in this regard which have been discussed by different folk on here in the past.

Manufacturers are often experimenting with different material's and  adhesives, which, from one perspective we should be grateful for because it means that they may be seeking to improve our experiences and the functionality of their product.  From another, more cynical perspective, they may be following the profit motive and making goods that don't last quite as long, a strategy which potentially makes them greater profits. 

Recently, Hollister discontinued their line in adhesive spray 7730 and when I enquired as to the reasons why, I was given the impression that it was no longer relevant/'profitable' for them to produce/market it. Hence, my reference to the second optional perspective.

There are many options available from other manufacturers and they are often wiling to tempt you towards their products by sending free samples, so why not try a few others to see how you get on. 

I gave up  with with manufacturer's baseplates that either did not stick efficiently or stuck so well that they were difficult to remove. So I took to making my own baseplates, to suit my own particular needs. I can stick manufactured devices to my baseplates and they last for months.

Here's hoping you can find something to suit your own needs soon.

Best wishes


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I've had my ileo since 2008 and have always used Hollister products. I have noticed in the last few years that the bags have become quite lightweight and, as you say, "flexible" (not to mention crackly as all get out, some days it's like I'm toting a bag of potato chips around with me!).

In the past, I could get up to 6-7 days wear time (this is with a two-piece system), but now it's about 3-4 days tops before changing. I thought in my case it might be a change in skin from getting older and being menopausal, but I don't think the bags are as sturdy as they used to be. For example, I have a couple of spares in my handbag from years ago (never actually had to use them) and the material of the bags from way back when is a lot thicker.

I don't think it's the beer. I'm not too keen on the ale myself, but in the past, I have definitely enjoyed the company of the "J's" (Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Jose Cuervo) with no ill effects on the ileo (just a tad headachey the next day).


Hi Tim, go ahead and have that beer. One isn't going to make any difference in wear time, but like Bill said, suppliers are making them thinner and not as durable. I personally enjoy a cold one after cutting grass, especially with the hot temps we've been having lately.

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I do not think beer has anything to do with war time. I use Hollister products and have not noticed any change in the ones I use.


I do not think beer has anything to do with war time. I use Hollister products and have not noticed any change in the ones I use.


Hi there, I use Hollister and have tried a few of the newer "Thinner" wafers. They make the adhesive way thinner and the ones I tried last two days. I stick with the older models...they last 5 to 6 days for me. The newer ones don't have thick enough adhesive pads so they break down much faster.

Try the older models? Magoo


Been bagging it for over ten years, alcohol doesn't cause me any issues at all. Carbonation can cause gas and bag bloat though and for this reason I don't drink beer much anymore but have no issues with mixed drinks or still ciders. So enjoy a drink or two!


Go ahead and enjoy your beer. The only impact I notice from alcohol is that it tends to make things runnier (which can make a leak a bit more likely) and produce more gas. It's important that we don't let our ostomies stop us from doing the things we enjoy.

Reply to Bill

Hello Bill,

I am intrigued by your comment about making your own baseplate. I'm guessing this is a two-part system.

I'd be interested, if you don't mind, in sharing what you are doing and how. If it's okay with you, I fully admire your step towards some independence from being totally tied to manufacturers' products.

I have never been advised on how often to change them. Living in the UK, we get these things for free, but I hate waste and am always interested in innovative ways to increase the wear of these (wretched) things.

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I have had some beers, use Hollister 2-piece bag, and can go 7 days with no problem... unless I have too many beers and pass out to wake up to a mess!!! Lol did that once, don't drink too many now, but I do check my bag throughout the night when I rollover, it kind of becomes normal since my blowout in bed.


I use hollister have not had any issues.

I have colostomy and urostomy

I use barrier strips on colostomy

Change every 7 days, beer has not made any difference.

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